“Nerd” a nutty delight

Currently playing at the Pentacle Theater is “The Nerd,” a comedy by Larry Shue.  It’s the third production of the play given in the Theater’s 60-years, and it’s easy to see why; The Nerd is a high-energy romp with dynamic […]

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When the river rocks

Two upcoming concerts will mean live music along the Willamette when bands visit the area this summer.  As a continuation of the River Rocks series, Salem will see



North Mississippi Trance Blues; Appalachia; Punkabilly. These words are all used to describe the sound of the tenured and risk-taking artists, Hillstomp. They have been a force in


Forth in a series about poets born in 1914

Weldon Kees, another poet born the same year as William Stafford, carries as one of his legacies his mysterious disappearance on July 18, 1955 in San Francisco, where


Four recipes for instant strangeness

It’s summer. Living is easy. Who wants to work hard at making Salem stranger? Instead of laboring to cook up a stew of strangeness, here’s four ways of


Has Salem Health lost its way?

While many have been focused on saving Oregon’s historic Howard Hall: under the radar, Salem Health, with the cooperation of the City of Salem, has received permission to


The Glorious Fourth

Not to diss traditional July 4th activities: we all love a backyard barbeque and fire crackers, accompanied by our favorite beverage.  But, if you are so inclined, the



Jared Sheridan has been a local D.I.Y. music producer here in Salem for 18 years. The way he talks about pre-planning and the music subculture is that of


Third in a series about poets born in 1914

1914 (#3)   Focusing on other poets born the same year as William Stafford, let us next consider Randall Jarrell of Nashville, where he attended Vanderbilt University, receiving an advanced


Let’s shop in Salem Catalog of Dreams

Dreams are free. And fun. So let’s bust out of the mind-prison that prevents Salemians from freely envisioning how our city could be, breaking the bars of “never could

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