New position for Indigo Wellness

Indigo Wellness, the respected yoga and health center, is moving and consolidating. After nearly five years operating from both a studio off the alley between Liberty and Commercial Streets downtown and from a satellite Center for chiropractic, massage and acupuncture […]

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Who Proves What about GMOs and Human Health?

Do GMOs cause health problems in people?  The governments of America, Canada and Australia say genetically engineered foods have proven their safety over the 20 years they have


Are you a guinea pig? -Film suggests you just might be

“We’re all part of a large, uncontrolled experiment,” says a genial elderly doctor, one of the many physicians and scientists who discuss the dangers of GMOs (genetically modified


Action anyone can take -with miracle results

There is a simple, gentle low-impact exercise, accessible to almost everyone over the age of two, that helps prevent diabetes, heart disease, and dementia, reduces the risk of


Pilates for your body & attitude -Staying Flexible

My friend, her husband, and I stared for a long moment at their Mini, parked at the curb.  “I’ll sit in the back,” I volunteered, and commenced to

A Day of Meditation

Five separate Buddhist meditation groups invite the pubic to a "Day of Meditation" on Saturday, June 16 from 2 to 4 at Riverfront Park in Salem. The Thai Buddhist


Honey Bee Death and the Willamette Valley -Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

In the winter of 2006, bees began to die by the millions. European honey bees – the pollinating insects responsible for $15 billion worth of crops in our



Hand-crafted rag rugs, jewelry, dried flower wreathes, handmade paper and cheerfully-stitched neck rolls are only a few of the traditional crafts that flow into Salem now because of


A Natural Economy of Householding

Harriet Fasenfest began a journey of self-discovery about ten years ago that took her from being “a Vogue girl who dreamed of shopping in Paris” and a Main


Sex and the aftermath of silence and shame

Sex may be the last taboo. Society has come a long way from when ankles were shameful to show in public, but despite that forward momentum, there are

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