Four recipes for instant strangeness

It’s summer. Living is easy. Who wants to work hard at making Salem stranger? Instead of laboring to cook up a stew of strangeness, here’s four ways of making our town seem tastier instantly. (1) Observe like an alien. There’s […]

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Has Salem Health lost its way?

While many have been focused on saving Oregon’s historic Howard Hall: under the radar, Salem Health, with the cooperation of the City of Salem, has received permission to


Let’s shop in Salem Catalog of Dreams

Dreams are free. And fun. So let’s bust out of the mind-prison that prevents Salemians from freely envisioning how our city could be, breaking the bars of “never could



I want Paul Evans to be my Representative in the State Legislature representing the 20th district.  I’ve got nothing against his opponent; she is a good person, invested


My freaking genius idea

It’s time to invite The Daily Show to Salem. I’m a big fan of their special reports, which often feature a correspondent venturing to a town and interviewing


Students are out in front of our city council

Thanks Salem Weekly for adding your voice to the worldwide movement banning plastic bags! And thanks to Mr. Chinburg’s Seventh Graders at Adams Elementary for their terrific presentation


Congrats, crazy council candidates

I admire people who do crazy things. Not riding a motorcycle at 100 mph drunk out of your mind sort of craziness. That’s just stupid. I’m talking about the


Town in crisis election

Michael Davis, Statesman Journal’s executive editor, recently described critics of the paper’s  election coverage as “the conspiracy theorists in our community (or) the looser screws.” Davis’ dismissal of


Say yes to all of life

“Yes, Yes, Yes.” I enjoy seeing these words colorfully emblazoned on banners at the marvelous Oregon Country Fair in Veneta (a must-go July experience for lovers of alternative


Salem’s invasion of the mind snatchers

The mind control device wasn’t visible. Not surprising. I figured the Chamber of Commerce surgeons would be too skilled to leave any traces. They’d be the best money could

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