Chamber of Commerce out to buy elections

Xue Lor’s Facebook post about his City Council candidacy caught my eye. “My opponent is getting $6,000 from the Salem Chamber of Commerce. If the private sector is able to buy seats in local government, how can [we] expect democracy […]

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Would you vote for someone running for office in a local or state election who willfully and publicly violated our Salem city ordinances? I wouldn’t, either. So I hope you


Save lives. Wear a purple sticker

“Why should I care?” Great question. About so many causes that clamor for our attention, time, money, commitment. Every day I get many emails from groups warning that if


Women’s health matters

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon continues to fight politicians who are seemingly obsessed with banning or chipping away at a woman’s ability to make her own decisions about


Slow down for strangeness

To some, calling our city “Snailem” is a putdown. But there’s a lot to like about slowing down. This lets us sense the sweet strangeness of existence that often


Immigration and hope

I was amazed at all the local support shown to the six year old Oregon girl who was being sent to Mexico to live with her father.  Even


Explore these Salem Blogs

I encourage you to discover a largely hidden side of Salem: its blogosphere. Out in cyberspace, Salem bloggers urge us to wake up to what our city can become;


Central Location Good For New Police Facility

The recent effort by the City of Salem to explore conceptual plans for a new police facility has provided our community with a great opportunity to share their


The Taxpayer Funded War Against Predators

A recent poll by TrapFreeOregon found that almost half of Oregonians think trapping is illegal in Oregon. It’s not. Few people know that a federal agency uses both cruel


From No Way! to Better Way -Strange Up Salem

Salemians who stopped last year’s poorly thought-out Boise Cascade redevelopment plan, pat yourselves on the back (or wherever you like to be patted). Saying No Way! to a land

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