SW Music Picks

Thursday, May 12th at 7pm at Shotskis Woodfired Pizza: Willamette Music Night with Gringo Star, Rabid Habit, Frontal Lobes, Bitch Mob, Gabriel Klute, and Zachery Johnston. This is a goodbye show for Willamette Students, as this is the last day of finals. All bands hail from Willamette University and music ranges from acoustic to hip hop. There will be discounted food and drink and minors are totally welcome until 9pm. Sounds like a hoot and a great chance to hear music that you don’t usually see in Salem venues. And you know, thank all the gods I don’t have to take finals anymore. Good luck students!

Saturday, May 14th at 8pm at Brown’s Towne Lounge: “A Very Incognita Birthday Benefit Show” with Grandma Dynamite, Transendia and Jesus Chrysler & the Holy Smokes –

$5 suggested donation but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. This event is raising money for immediate needs of homeless youth in the Salem area. The proceeds will be given directly to the H.O.S.T. Youth Street Outreach and Drop In Center. There will be raffle prizes that include gift certificates from Cherry City Waxworks, Court Appearance Styling Studio, various local artisans, and much more. This also a 46th birthday shindig for Tara Colvin, but she requests donations be made in lieu of gifts. Find out more about H.O.S.T. at northwesthumanservices.org.

Sunday, May 22nd at 8pm at The Fifty Pub & Grub: Of from Oakland, Salem’s Goddess of Slaughter, and Megathruster a Portland/Salem Duo – Experimental Rock/Pop – Free. You must see Of. They played an outdoor show at The Fifty last summer, and I still hear people talk about it.  It was truly mind blowing. Epic and melodic loop based duo that incorporates an arsenal of instruments. See them. Goddess of Slaughter has just added Emilee Kerper on bass and I just missed them at The Triangle last weekend, so yay. I get second chance. Megathruster is an established outfit out of Portland, but Salem’s own Joel Machiela (Schumann Frequencies, ACE Chemicals) has joined with Ethan Noll in what Joel described to me as nerd/comedy/video and board game rock. Oh yeah, it’s STILL ok to see live music on Sunday. I’ve done it plenty of times and everything turned out ok.

Birth of a Theory

by Julie Eaton

When I took on the endeavor of covering the Salem music scene, I promised that I would push myself outside my comfort zone to find the people who were actively making the scene work, regardless of genre. What I have found is Salem has a thriving and vigorous hip hop community. To be honest, I’ve never been into hip hop. Frankly, growing up in a strict religious family in Salem Oregon can be…culturally isolating, to put it delicately. I just wasn’t exposed to this artform. Personally, I am thankful that I kept my mind open, because my dealings with the folks in the hip hop scene have been refreshingly sincere and reciprocally gracious and appreciative.

Salem’s hip hop community is also very organized and they enthusiastically support one another. This generosity of spirit is how I met Gregg Simpson – formerly known as Yung Killa and who is now reinventing himself as Theory. We’ll get to that in a moment.

Gregg, along with his partner Desiree Lur, have come together to create a new project called 4D Media. When I met with them at La Margarita Express, I expected to hear about the project I already knew about, Salem Cypher and then other shows that they’ve got planned in the future. But I was in for so much more. In addition to Gregg’s musical endeavors, they’ve been hosting community outreach events since 2012. “Packing it in the Park” was held at Wallace Marine Park and they provided entertainment, food and cold weather supplies to homeless and low income citizens of Salem. More recently in 2015, they hosted what they’re hoping to be an annual event – 4D Festival at River Road Park doing much the same thing. I asked about their motivation. They said that they’ve both struggled, their family has struggled and it’s important that they do all they can to help others in the community who are struggling. I know this is a music column, but I was so affected by their service and generosity, I had to include it in this piece. So keeping this in mind, I’ll go on to Gregg’s more musical undertakings.

Salem Cypher is an emcee competition held partly online at Salem Cypher’s Facebook page and also at CCTV Community Television. How it works: rappers submit their videos “spitting 16 bars” to the FB page and a panel of judges pick five of what they deem the best. Then, these chosen performers pay $10 and perform for the cameras at CCTV. Gregg then puts the videos on Facebook for the community to vote. The winner gets $100 taken from the pot that the performers put in. This guy definitely has a knack for bringing folks together across multiple platforms. Grinchmobb won the first Cypher back in April, and since then, their Facebook group has grown to over 6,000 members from across the US. I can’t get over what a cool idea this is. They are currently vetting videos on the page and the next Cypher will be at CCTV on May 13th. It is totally free to go watch. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? 5pm – be there.

Now to introduce, Theory. Gregg’s first rap name, Yung Killa was given to him when he was young and heading down a road he described as negative. He soon realized that negative begets negative and decided that wasn’t the path for him. In honor of his transformation, he will be hosting a family oriented, sit down dinner party, “Birth of a Theory,” at Salem Heights Hall. Music will be provided by Rich McCloud and Jessica Peterson. $5 gets you a prime rib dinner prepared by Gregg’s own mother or $20 for a table of five. There will also be some celebratory champagne.

Do keep an eye on 4D Media. Gregg and Desiree have big plans for the future, with an emphasis on including more of the community through family oriented events and all ages music shows. With what they’ve already accomplished, I have no doubt these two will continue to make Salem more than it’s ever been.


Salem Cypher May 13th at CCTV – 5pm

Birth of a Theory

Rich McCloud & Jessica Peterson

7pm – Salem Heights Community Hall

$5 per person/$20 for Table of 5

SW Music Picks

Saturday, April 30th – 9pm at Christo’s Pizzeria & Lounge: Horse Cult, Solace and Aerial Ruin – Celtic/Beguiling Dark Folk. Sooo many reasons to highlight this show. Really, one very good reason: Asia Kindred. She has given so much to Salem and continues to be an active member of the music scene. Remember the Wisp House? That beyond incredible house venue that was closed down for no apparent reason? That was Asia’s house. Solace is her solo stuff, “an ambient weaving of harp and ethereal effects and vocals.” Asia has recently joined Portland’s Horse Cult which brings lively dark folk weaved together with psychedelic celtic music. Aerial Ruin is also from Portland and offers a lush acoustic dreamscape. This is definitely not something we get in Salem that often, so don’t miss it. $5 – $10 sliding scale at the door.

Sunday, May 1st – 8pm at The Triangle: “Duotour” is a project by Onry Ozzborn of Seattle’s hiphop duo Grayskul featuring performances by Myke Bogan, Wool See, and Graves 33. This is hosted by ThatKidCry and Weapons of Mass Productions w/ DJ LadyX. Ozzborn’s project is touring all over the Western United States and it’s stopping in Salem and it’s absolutely FREE. I’m just getting into this genre in part because I’ve found the HipHop folks in Salem to be a breath of fresh air and, I listened to Ozzborn’s links and I think it’s quite good. ThatKidCry tells me that Ozzborn performs live with videos he’s made for the project. Sounds like a special opportunity to see some talented folks who are taking it on the road in a major way. And I did mention it’s FREE? Yes, yes I did.

Saturday, April 7th – 11am to 8pm at Tony’s Kingdom of Comics, Keizer: Wire Monkey Mama, Captain Wail & The Harpoons, and Coot & Codger. If you read my page regularly, you know I’m a sucker for a charity event. Here it is, from the Facebook event: Free comics with extras for donations to the Keizer Food Bank. Silent Auction and raffle’s for Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital. Spiderman artist Randy Emberlin. $1 grilled tacos from El Patron Mexican Grill. Child safety and board breaking demo’s by Ireland’s ATA Martial Arts. Superheroes from the Portland Superhero Coalition. Classic cars from the Rockabilly Rust-o-Rama car show and a whole lot more. Whew! Are you even ready for all this fun and good music too? Sure you are!

A Farewell to Allies

by Julie Eaton

It all started in the Summer of 2012, Salem musicians Ben Thede and Ronan Baker had an adventurous and unconventional idea: to put together an album; bring in new musicians every Wednesday and write, arrange, record and mix every track in 24 hours. At first, Thede was writing and Baker was doing production, but by the third week, Baker had stepped up and was collaborating with Thede to finish 12 songs in 10 weeks to release the self-titled album. They took the album live by performing with a rotating cast of musicians. Pretty cool idea.

Their second album was a double album called The Royal and by that time they had added steady drummer, Efrain Romero, while still performing with guest musicians.

Then Thede had the good fortune of meeting Danielle Meyer – bassist extraordinaire – at their place of employment, Uptown Music. She joined the band and they all came together to be one of Salem’s most talented bands. I’ve seen them play many times and I feel totally comfortable making that claim. Thede and Baker write beautifully complicated but catchy, listenable songs. Everyone in the band has a mesmerizing stage presence. Add Meyer’s incredible bass expertise and Romero’s solid drum work and you’re about to see a great show.

Alas, you’ve only got one more chance to see them play live. Well, unless they do a Hell Freezes Over Tour in 20 years or so. But who wants to wait for that? They’ll be playing their farewell show this Friday, April 29th at The Triangle. They’re not leaving us empty handed, though. The show is also a CD release party. They’re releasing their last full-length CD “Enemies From Elsewhere” (see what they did there.) They’ll also be filming this, so they’re inviting everyone to come out and “get rowdy” by the stage.

You may be asking, why would they record and release an album right when they’re parting ways? Well, it’s just one of those “life happens” types of scenarios. No bad blood, no falling out. Romero is recently engaged and knew he wouldn’t be able to commit the time the band deserved, and made the tough decision to bow out. Meyer is answering a long heard call to dedicate herself to playing bass in a classical music setting. She’s played rock and roll for decades, and has her heart set on playing in chamber ensembles and symphony orchestras. She certainly has the talent. Good luck to you, Danielle.

And of course, Thede and Baker aren’t leaving the scene. Baker has started his own sound company, All That Sound and is also working on a David Bowie tribute project with Jarred Venti and David Fox, slated for July 4th at Shotskis. Thede has two other projects currently, the dreamy, melody driven rock band Summer Eyes and comedy Farmcore troupe Marc & The Horsejerks.

Friday night’s show is an all-star bill with Salem’s favorites City of Pieces and Orchards along with Portland’s Foxy Lemon. And of course the stars of the show, Allies From Nowhere. Pretty stellar lineup. This won’t suck.


Foxy Lemon, City of Pieces, Orchards, and Allies From Nowhere

Friday, April 29th @ 9pm – Free

The Triangle

SW Music Picks

Saturday, April 16th from 9am to 10pm at Willamette Heritage Center at Mission Mill: 3rd Annual Local Roots Music Festival and Fundraiser for KMUZ and CD Release Party. Say that 10 times fast. Organized by Robert Richter, this Festival features 20…TWENTY! NW bands: City of Pieces, Haley Johnson (2012 American Idol finalist from Beaverton), Allies from Nowhere, Analisa Tornfelt and Bad Assets, just to name a few. Find the full schedule at KMUZ.org or on the event’s Facebook page.  KMUZ will be releasing their Local Roots Compilation CD Vol III and will be on sale for $15. All of the artists performing at the festival have music on the CD. Robert hosts a weekly show “Local Roots” on KMUZ 100.7 in Salem and online at kmuz.org; 7pm – 9pm every Sunday that features artists from around the NW and a segment of each program features a live in studio concert.

Sunday, April 17th at 8:30pm at The Fifty Pub & Grub: Captain Wail & The Harpoons, The Other Band on Earth and Grand Head – Free. Well, I love all these bands, so of course I’m going to tell you to go. And by the way, it’s totally ok to go see live music on a Sunday. You know that gut-wrenching anxious feeling you get on Sunday right around 8:30pm? That feeling when you’re realizing that your weekend is over and Monday is just around the corner? This show will completely cure you of that doom. It’s true. And hey, The Other Band on Earth is coming all the way from Oakland to rock your face with their rocking proggy excellence. Come on. Do something a little different for a change. It will do you good. Keep you young. You can replace your deep knee bends with this show. Doctor said so.

Saturday, April 23rd from 10am – 10pm at Willamette University: WULAPALOOZA 2016. Wulapalooza is an amazing super huge festival held on the Willamette University campus in the spring. It incorporates the themes of music, art, and earth into one mash-up of amazing fun from the late morning to the dark of night. There will be music all day from local groups around the valley. But, look at these headliners: Dan Deacon – Electronic, Cakes Da Killa, Chanti Darling and The Seshen – HipHop/R&B/Soul. Go to the Wulapalooza Facebook event and there’s a link to the complete lineup. In years past, they’ve had face- and body-painting, kittens, bubbles, cotton candy, slip-n-slides, bike-powered smoothies, rubber duck races, and a kajillion other fantastic activities. And the shows are outside and this is Oregon – bring an umbrella.

Room 4 Record Release

by Julie Eaton

Last September, Jon Fro contacted me and asked that I feature him and his skillfully textured pop rock CD “Been on a Journey” in this column. I will say that I love when artists contact me. I appreciate the confidence and enthusiasm and unless I’ve promised it to someone else, I’ll gladly grant their request. I like to think this page belongs to the Salem Music Scene and I am but its honored and humble emissary. I met him for coffee downtown.

I immediately liked Jon. He was unpretentious, serious yet easy to talk to and knowledgeable about music and aspects of the Salem scene I had yet to explore – mainly the thriving hip hop scene. One more thing about Jon – I see him out at shows. Even with a couple youngins at home, he manages to make it out and support the scene in addition to holding his own Acoustic Songwriter’s Showcases from time to time. I really like that – musicians supporting musicians. Reciprocity. Good.

So when Jon contacted me again about his new hip hop album “Room 4,” I was delighted to oblige. Room 4 is also the name of Jon’s studio, where this entire album was recorded, and where we met for this interview. We listened to Room 4 while we talked about the artform, the music and the contributors on this CD. He was proud to say that the DJs on the album are vinyl DJs, an increasingly lost art.

Room 4 is Jon’s brainchild and he procured some really talented folks to contribute. The CD is mainly him producing the beats and McGrawski – MC. The album also features ThatKidCry, DJ Swone, DJ Galactic, MC Grew, Robotic Torres (human beatbox) and Rachel Blair – vocals. Jon can make a polished album and as ThatKidCry said, “Jon is hands down one of the most professional artists locally…” He produces albums that sound radio ready and listenable, and Room 4 is no exception. The political and pissed “Dollars and Sense” and melodic “Good Times” are my favorite tracks on the album. I’ve heard Rachel Blair sing live with Jon a couple times; her vocal offerings on “Good Times,” gives the song an additional layer of goodness.

The record release extravaganza is at The Triangle and I know from experience that Jon puts on enjoyable and well-attended shows. Jon will be the host and he’ll also play guitar on a couple songs, but the beats are his and the DJs are vinyl and the MCs are top notch. I feel like a noob saying all that, but I’m excited to see this album come to life.  And hey – thanks Jon for continuing to put out great music and being a huge supporter of the local scene. I’ll see you at The Tri,  April 16th at 8:30pm. And you can save your money for the tip jar – there’s no cover.

High Voltage Festival Ignites Salem

A lot can happen in ten years. What once started as a ragtag team of bands and volunteers in a small downtown venue has now grown into a city-wide event as the Cherry City Music Festival. Beginning this Thursday, March 31st, and continuing through Saturday, April 2nd, venues all over Salem will be engulfed with over 30 live performances by bands from all over the area for a full weekend of music immersion.

The Cherry City Music Festival began as part of the Mid-Valley Video Festival’s Mix-n-Mash, with the goal of “bringing independent local bands and their fans together for great musical performances and networking opportunities throughout Salem.” The Festival is still managed by its founder, Ross Swartzendruber, who has collaborated with local powerhouses like Capital Community Television (CCTV) since 2009 to help grow the event over the past ten celebrations.

“The purpose of the festival centers on the relationship between live music and quality of life,” Swartzendruber said. “Going out to a performance allows for deeper experiences that connect people and communities in real life. We’re lucky to have so many talented musicians that call Salem home, and this annual event gives them some of the recognition they deserve.”

In the beginning, the festival wasn’t particularly fancy or high-tech. The equipment was basic. There was no real certainty about anything—except for the driving desire to redefine the music scene in Salem. However, once Swartzendruber joined forces with CCTV, the facilities coordinator (and equipment guru), Charles Lewis, immediately jumped at the opportunity to lend a hand in what Swartzendruber started.

“It was a little rocky at first,” Lewis explained. “We didn’t have the equipment that we have now…we didn’t have monitors for the bands, we had very few microphones.” He laughed. “It was challenging. But we’ve come a long way since then, and we’ve learned a lot. We have nice monitors now, excellent microphones, moving lights, LEDs, and all sorts of great tech. But the spirit of it was always fun.”

After putting in hundreds of hours to fine-tune this machine, CCTV is about to take the Cherry City Music Festival to a whole new level. This year, CCTV is introducing live interaction options for all audience members via Livestream and social media communication. In addition to recording and playing live on Channel 22, and being simulcast on the radio all three days via KMUZ, CCTV will stream bands live online as they perform in real time. Kirimi Flitter, the Programming and Promotion Coordinator for CCTV, is in charge of managing incoming texts, tweets, Facebook comments as they pertain to the performances. After receiving messages through social media or text, Flitter will place them on screen for all audience members to read and respond to in turn.

But Flitter is not the only one whose hands will be busy during the event. “We would definitely not be able to do this, or any production CCTV puts on, without the help of our volunteers,” Flitter admits. One of CCTV’s core missions is to provide opportunities for people to come in to their studios as volunteers and learn about video production. “You don’t have to have any prior experience or knowledge about production before you come in. You train on the job, and it’s great for people to learn the ropes so that they can take their experience and their knowledge they’ve gained in order to go and create something on their own.”

It’s a win-win-win for everyone. The Cherry City Music Festival is a high voltage success because of the bands and the volunteers behind it. It’s a collaborative effort from the bands to gain experience and exposure and networking success. In exchange for the generosity of the band members and volunteers, the Salem area benefits tremendously from a healthy music scene for all ages, increasing our awareness of the people who work hard year-round to bring a sense of passion and pride to our community.

For more information about the Festival, including the full list of venues, performance times, band names, Livestream details, or opportunities to volunteer, please visit cctvsalem.org/about-ccmf or cherrycitymusic.com. (Please note that performances are free to attend, although restrictions may apply to minors at some venues.)

For information about other CCTV events and volunteer opportunities, visit cctvsalem.org or visit their downtown location at 575 Trade Street Southeast.

SW Music Picks

Thursday, March 31st through Saturday, April 2nd. 

2016 Cherry City Music Festival on CCTV – Times vary, please see music calendar this page. Actually, CCTV is one of the many venues to host performances for the greater Cherry City Music Festival, happening at many different venues around the city this weekend. But, a community television studio is a pretty cool place to have a show, or 12. Yep. Over three days, CCTV will have 12 bands performing AND simulcasting it live on Channel 22 and on local radio station KMUZ 88.5/100.7FM. They want a live audience for this event. That’s you and me! We go to the shows and make it extra real and special. Does this just sound so unbelievably cool for our community? Do you want to get involved? Excellent. They are all about volunteers. CCTV’s contact info: http://www.cctvsalem.org/about-ccmf or by phone 503-588-2288. Everything is better with YOU.

Saturday, April 2nd at 7pm at The Willamette Valley Grill:  Rich McCloud – Acoustic Singer/Songwriter/R&B/Soul/HipHop/Soul/Rap – whatever he wants. Every Saturday night in April, The Willamette Valley Grill presents its Red Music Concert Series featuring Oregon’s finest musicians. Well, they certainly started it off right with Rich McCloud. I’ve only seen Rich three times, but every time was unique, mesmerizing and absolute quality. He refuses to play one kind of music, because he likes so many different styles of music (he told me that.) And he delivers the goods no matter if he chooses a solo acoustic show, R&B, hip-hop, spoken word…whatever.  I am always happy to promote people to see him perform. Another cool thing about this is that it’s in an “off the beaten path” location, on Market Street. Also this month for the Red Music Concert Series is April 9th – Starfoxjaden; April 16th – Brooke & Matt Sturtevant; April 23rd – Junior Ramey and April 30th is TBD at this point. All these events are FREE and ALL AGES!

Saturday, April 9th at Level B Theater (Soon to be The Space!) at 7pm: RiverCity Rock Academy Winter Show. I stumbled upon one of these performances a few years back at The Reed Opera House. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was entertaining, inspiring and nostalgic all wrapped up in a fully competent performance – by kids! I loved it. You should go see for yourself. Ok.  And now, some official details: RiverCity Rock Star Academy students will take the stage and perform their set of songs learned over the last 12 weeks. The RiverCity Rockers (ages 12-18) will be performing songs from The Beatles, Deftones, Rush, Jack White, Joan Jett, Paramore, Black Keys and many more. Saturday, April 9th, at The Space. Doors open at 7p.m. show starts at 7:30 p.m. ONLY $8 in advance or $10 at the door! Portion of the ticket proceeds will benefit the Rock School Scholarship Fund.

Salem’s Big Heart

by Julie Eaton

The Salem music scene is hopping! So many things to write about lately. But one story has ignited the music community like I have never seen, and has personally touched and inspired me and has restored my hope for us human beings. With that said, I am dedicating this week’s music page to local bassist, John Pounds.

I have never met John Pounds, but I’ve seen him play. He is nothing short of brilliant. He plays a seven string bass and uses every one of those strings to lay down some of the fattest, funkiest basslines in his R&B/Funk/Soul/Jazz Fusion style. He has played all over the country and has even shared a stage with Sir Elton John. To our benefit, he calls Salem his home.

John’s life took an unexpected and frightening turn on March 13th, when he suffered a stroke. His friends, his fellow musicians wasted no time rallying to his side and quickly set up a YouCaring crowdfunding site. I was immediately touched by the outpouring of support for John. The YouCaring page is still up. I encourage you to check out the site and donate if you’re able. YouCaring.com/john-pounds-539148.

A few days later, they held an impromptu Jam for John at Vagabond Brewing, who also donated proceeds from the night’s profits to John. Embarrassingly enough, I had never been to Vagabond, who features live music several times a week. So, I was excited for a new experience in the spirit of helping out.

When I arrived, I couldn’t find a parking spot. When I finally did and walked up to the building, I could see why. I could see through Vagabond’s generous windows that the place was packed and the music was in full swing. On stage was Sonny Hess, Nathan Olsen, Larry London, Wes Tjernlund, Mama Kat and Jarred Venti. When Jarred got off stage, he introduced me around and all I can say is what a group of talented, welcoming sweethearts. The love in that room was palpable. It has actually changed the way I view the Salem music scene. It’s bigger and more lovely than I had previously perceived. Everyone talked about John’s amazing musicianship, but most emphatically all expressed what an amazingly kind, giving, and solid guy he is. He has profoundly touched and inspired so many folks.

But John’s friends aren’t finished yet.

Sunday, April 3rd from 3pm – 8pm at The Half Penny, there will be an all-star benefit for John. Included in the night’s lineup is Kerry Stickler, Orvil Ivie, Bill Foss & Garry Meziere, the Don’t Know Jack Band, Big Monti & Robbie Laws, Sonny Hess & the Portland Blues All-Stars (with Norman Sylvester, Lisa Mann, Lady Kat, Vicki Stevens, Charles Neal, Kelly Pierce, Dan Hess, and more), and the LaRhonda Steele Band. These live performances will later be available as a special live album, with proceeds going to John’s recovery fund. Plus a silent auction with fantastic items, raffle prizes all day, special limited edition t-shirts available, and so much more. There is a $10 suggested donation at the door to help with John’s continued recovery.

After what I experienced at Vagabond, I’m so there. The music will be amazing. You will have a fantastic time and you can feel good knowing that this is a most worthy cause. I’d like to personally thank John Pounds for being such an amazing human being and wish him a speedy recovery.

SW Music Picks

Thursday, March 24th at 9pm at The Fifty Pub & Grub: Wicked Haven, In The Name of God (Eugene), and Toxic Zombie – Metal. Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a metal show in town, so this is pretty exciting. Salem’s own Wicked Haven’s Facebook profile lists band members as follows: Brian Hare – Balls, Corey Yates – Chunk and Stephen Owens – Thunder. Well if that doesn’t pique your interest, you might be dead. Toxic Zombie is a metal/punk/glam band from Portland and claims they will “awaken the dead (ironic) and eat your brains.” Also on the bill is In The Name of God from Eugene. And get this, they “blend the refinement of classical baroque with the brutality of Scandinavian metal.” Hey, if it ain’t baroque don’t fix it, eh? This looks like a punishing night of metal you won’t want to miss…if you’re into that sort of thing. I am! And it’s FREE!

Saturday, March 26th at 9pm at Mac’s Place in Silverton: Dead Wood Standing – Folk/Country/Americana. I recently listened to these guys’ album and was seriously blown away. I’ve noticed lately that this is a popular genre that is pretty crowded, but Deadwood Standing shines. They are from Silverton and feature members Ty Boland on guitar, banjo, and lead vocals; Chuck Hawley on drums and vocals; Dylan Barr on guitar, piano, organ, mandolin, vocals; and Court Fast on bass and vocals. Silverton is a delightful little town and Dead Wood Standing is an amazing group. Look em up at www.deadwoodstanding.band and give them a listen. I predict you will make the short trip to Silverton to catch this up and coming act. I really love them. Also FREE!

Also on Saturday, March 26th at 9pm at The Triangle: NW Monthly Volume 17 hosted by ThatKidCry with Virtue the Reala, E-sav, Professor Klarrity, Dan Dillinger, CTZN & Aerosol. ThatKidCry has hosted 17 of these hip-hop/Dj shows. I’ve gone to a couple of them and they are always well attended and tons of fun. If you weren’t aware that Salem has a hip-hop scene, you know now. And if you’ve never been to one of these all-out parties, you owe it to yourself to experience it. Right in your hometown. Hey! Also FREE!