“Nerd” a nutty delight

Currently playing at the Pentacle Theater is “The Nerd,” a comedy by Larry Shue.  It’s the third production of the play given in the Theater’s 60-years, and it’s easy to see why; The Nerd is a high-energy romp with dynamic […]

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Forth in a series about poets born in 1914

Weldon Kees, another poet born the same year as William Stafford, carries as one of his legacies his mysterious disappearance on July 18, 1955 in San Francisco, where


The Glorious Fourth

Not to diss traditional July 4th activities: we all love a backyard barbeque and fire crackers, accompanied by our favorite beverage.  But, if you are so inclined, the


Third in a series about poets born in 1914

1914 (#3)   Focusing on other poets born the same year as William Stafford, let us next consider Randall Jarrell of Nashville, where he attended Vanderbilt University, receiving an advanced


Admiring Many Poems

Oregon’s newest Poet Laureate, Peter Sears of Corvallis, didn’t suddenly decide to write poetry. “I slowly moved into it,” he says. “The more I did, the more I


1914 #2 celebrating William Stafford’s Centennial

Second in a series about poets born in 1914 celebrating William Stafford’s Centennial   Like Stafford, another great poet was born in the year 1914.  Octavio Paz, born in


First in a series about poets born in 1914 in celebration of William Stafford’s Centennial

1914 #1 On the positive side of the year that began World War I was an already thriving renaissance in art, music, theatre, literature, psychology--the entire world culture making



Quaker Oats   The grain elevators have stood empty for years. They used to feed an entire nation of children. Hunched in red leatherette breakfast-nooks, fingers dreaming, children let their


The art of sharing

If you are a fan of The Moth, you should get yourself down to the Grand Theater for Stories from the Dark Side.  If you have a difficult


The Oregon Garden leads several local Earth Day events

Earth Day is April 22, and there are events planned in the Mid-Valley this weekend and next week to recognize the day. The largest Earth Day event in

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