The Oregon Garden leads several local Earth Day events

Earth Day is April 22, and there are events planned in the Mid-Valley this weekend and next week to recognize the day. The largest Earth Day event in the area will be the 15th Annual Earth Day Fair at The […]

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Brother’s Song

I ran into my brother Walkin’ down the street one day I nearly walked right by him But he called out my name Something about him Made me realize I was growing older


Environmental Lecturer to talk about America’s Obsession with “Stuff”

Take a moment and look at the things around you. If you’re like most Americans, you are surrounded by manufactured goods. These are things which were most likely


Taste of Dream by Mike Shuler

Washed In moonlit tide   Pulled   From now remembered Time of rush Through careless days And taste of dream   Sweet air   Now remembered   Small things that mean   A love touch A true word The feel of freshness By mountain stream   I will remember Things


The Streets of Salem

It’s a peculiar kinda arrangement carried over perhaps by the Trail, the streets are circles upon circles and spread out like a wagon wheel.   The thing that is most peculiar and every day


Why Line Break?

Leonard Cohen says that poetry is the evidence of life and if life is burning well, poetry is the ash.   Dear Readers,   Why Line Break you ask.   Not long ago nor


Salem’s Enlightened Theatrics Brings up the Lights

Whether you are a dedicated theater-goer or simply curious about what Salem has to offer, the city continues to offer a bounty of opportunities to enjoy and become


Line Break

Salem poet, watercolorist, and musician Virginia Corrie-Cozart (1932-2012) told a true story in this poem. The piece, appearing in her book, A Mutable Place (Traprock Books, 2003) starts


Sea of Toxicity -Progressive Film shows danger around us

The explosion of synthetic chemicals in the US environment and their impact on human health is the subject of the next presentation by the Salem Progressive Film Series. Unacceptable



Remembered Words It is coming back to me now The song forgotten When part of me died And words were lost As I begin to sing I recall mid-winter frost Kiss as sweet as pear Touch

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