Salem city staff rcommends Howard Hall demolition

On July 7, Glenn W. Gross, Community Development Director for the City of Salem, issued city staff’s recommendation on the matter of Howard Hall, the historic building designed by architect John V. Bennes in 1923.  Howard Hall was a dormitory […]

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3rd Bridge not quite to state code

Sources tell Salem Weekly that insiders in the City of Salem were provoked by a letter received last week from the Department of Land Conservation and Development Community


Xue Lor, hero to many

Ward 6 resident Xue Lor may have lost the race for City Council in May, but he remains an important figure in the Hmong community in Salem –

Food carts get their day in council

On July 14, Salem City Council will consider city staff recommendations to amend Salem laws relating to ‘mobile food units,’ or food carts, including their current requirement to

“Free” Statesman Journal under control

The city has monitored unsolicited written matter that piles up on resident’s doorsteps for several years.  Materials include phone books and fliers, but the most common offender historically

Supreme Court disappoints women’s choice organization

NARAL-Pro-Choice America, the national organization that supports women’s right to choose sex education, birth control, healthy pregnancy and abortion, says two June U.S. Supreme Court decisions are bad


Trail Blazers

A dynamic squad of outdoor enthusiasts is creating a trail in the wilderness of Spring Valley Park for bikers and hikers to enjoy for generations. The group is led


New position for Indigo Wellness

Indigo Wellness, the respected yoga and health center, is moving and consolidating. After nearly five years operating from both a studio off the alley between Liberty and Commercial Streets

People who mean “people”

A Salem group seeking to change the effects of a 2010 Supreme Court ruling that granted corporations the right to spend unlimited funds to influence elections, has taken

Dangerous waters

Oregon ranks 17th in the nation for release of cancer causing chemicals, with 22,630 pounds of carcinogenic toxics released into Oregon’s waterways in 2012.  The chemicals include formaldehyde,

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