Women’s health matters


Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon continues to fight politicians who are seemingly obsessed with banning or chipping away at a woman’s ability to make her own decisions about her pregnancy.

Here in Oregon, bills were introduced last year that would have imposed a 20-week abortion ban (with no protections for a woman’s health or safety) and that would have singled out abortion providers for unnecessary, politically motivated, targeted regulations — and effectively shut down nearly all of them. Meanwhile, opponents of women’s health, such as Oregon Right to Life, perpetuate junk science (for example, its website falsely claims abortion “is the root cause of a significant number of breast cancer cases”) and spread outright lies about rape (“the trauma of sexual assault is likely to inhibit ovulation”).

In addition, extremists are gathering signatures for a ballot measure that would prohibit access to medically necessary abortion coverage for low-income women.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon strongly believes that decisions about whether to choose adoption, end a pregnancy or raise a child must be left to a woman, her family and her faith, with the counsel of her doctor or health care provider. 2014 promises to be a crucial election year for women’s health, and we are working to ensure that women’s voices are heard at the ballot box – and to stop right-wing extremists like Salem radio host and Oregon House candidate Bill Post from achieving positions of power.

But we can’t do it without community activists who care about reproductive freedom. This year we want to strengthen our local presence so we can continue to get results like these in the Salem area:

•Last year, we trained citizen lobbyists in Salem and marched to the Oregon State Capitol to educate lawmakers about our issues.

•We also came to the aid of three Salem-Keizer School Board members who were being challenged by Oregon Right to Life solely because they support Planned Parenthood’s sex ed curriculum, which has been proven to reduce rates of teen pregnancy, dropout and suspension.

•Our volunteers canvassed at the Salem Bite & Brew and in local neighborhoods to spread the word about the Affordable Care Act, the greatest advancement for women’s health in decades.

As we saw in the 2012 election, when advocates for women’s health fight back, we win. Please contact me to learn what you can do to join the fight in your community. We need your help building our grassroots advocacy network, engaging with the public, contacting lawmakers and more. We need you to be the voice of our movement.


Kerry Edinger Snodgrass is a Field Organizer for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon. To get involved, please emailkerry.snodgrass@PPAOregon.org.

7 thoughts on “Women’s health matters”

  1. Dear Ms. Snodgrass,
    Thank you for your opinion. Very well articulated. However, it isn’t very original. You managed to repeat just about every talking point put out by pro-abortion proponents for the last 10 years. Those arguments are outdated. I could have written your opinion piece myself and I’m not an abortion advocate.

    You also make the same mistake everyone on the left of the political spectrum makes: you equate opposing arguments with ignorance and intolerance. Rather than offer reasonable counters to pro-life arguments, the typical abortion supporter resorts to name calling and marginalizing. It doesn’t help your cause. There are as many educated, articulate, reasonable and caring people opposed to abortion as there are supporters. I challenge you to make an effort to have a converstion with someone who opposes your point of view. You might be surprised with not only how educated they are, but how compassionate and passionate they are. We don’t oppose abortion because we don’t know any better, or because we’re religious extremists (a favorite label used by the Left),we oppose abortion because we believe it is absolutely, morally wrong, harmful to women, deadly to the next generations and otherwise really, really bad for society and our culture. We feel so strongly that we will fight to do what we can to end it. That doesn’t make us crazy, or extremist or any other name we’re called. If you had some real courage, you’d spend a little time with us and learn that we’re not the enemy you’ve been led to believe we are.

    Hope that sheds a little light on your opinion.


  2. I know I will be considered as some of the worse words that the progressives could come up with, and bring it on, because I know I a true man and can handle it. My wife had an abortion long before I have came around in her life. When ever this subject comes up, she nearly begins to cry because she was part of killing a living being that was developing inside of her. It is the mother’s responsibility to protect her unborn child, and since my wife failed, she firmly believes that something will happen to her on her Judgement day. How can Doctors live with themselves after taking the life of so many helpless humans? How can the mothers, who primary duty to protect their unborn child, have something not much more than a chunk of stainless steel wire rip to baby right out of them, in pieces if need be. How many women have had to go to the emergency room because of infections after the “procedure” (the murder). How many women have to go through years of counselling just trying to deal with knowing that they failed their primary responsibility once the baby was conceived. And this is a positive for women’s health? How? Explain this because I, being the bad horrible man (and extremist progressive women will say a lot worse about me), do not understand how having a living human baby ripped out of ones body is for the health of a woman? The best I can say is God Bless you all and I hope all of you involved in this pray for your mercy half as much as my wife has been for nearly 30 years.

  3. Funny what tripe is used to defend the abortion industry when the previous lies of “our taxes don’t pay for abortion” no longer work. This initiative only stops our state taxes covering elective abortions. The Hyde Ammendment is still in place, allowing federal taxes to pay for medically emergent situations or cases of rape and incest. Stop protecting your bottom line and start telling the truth. This article omits many facts and misleads readers. Is that the only tactic of PPA? Our state taxes pay for nearly half of the 9,000 abortions annually. This article implies that over 4,000 abortions a year in Oregon, paid for in full with our state taxes by OHP, are medically necessary. Calling those who don’t want to pay for abortion, extremists, is ridiculous. Plenty of people think this is wasted tax dollars for elective healthcare. Unless, they are the people who think it’s cheaper to kill a poor child with their taxes than have their taxes support the mother and her child for a time. Always a lovely attitude, supporting abortion to eliminate the poor…sick! If we have so many women, over 4,000 too poor to have independent insurance or privately pay, with medically fragile pregnancies, in crisis over choosing their life or their child’s, shouldn’t we be more concerned with what’s going on with pregnancy in our state and find better care for women and their children than just abortion? Our medical community must be beside itself trying to find reasons for all these medically necessary, emergency related abortions. Oh wait, they aren’t medically necessary…they are primarily, like the majority of abortions in this country, elective abortions. Pay for them yourself! Oh but, I suppose that would hurt PP business to not be be able to offer impoverished women a solution to their ‘inconvenient problem’ through the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. No wonder PPA is fighting this initiative to stop our taxes paying for abortions through 6.5 months. The rates of abortion in general are declining in Oregon, steadily, but the rate of tax funded abortions is going up and up, steadily. PPA offers OHP with emergency cards to expedite abortions and reduce the time a poor woman has to think on how else she might deal with this pregnancy. They refuse to give any referrals to outside resources that won’t strongly support abortion for the woman…guess they are afraid of her exploring her “choices”. Stop lying to women and making everyone who values women, children, motherhood and women’s real healthcare, out to be extremists.

  4. Hello Kerry,
    There is much to consider in this intellectual argument – debate. Let’s look at some of the history of Planned Parenthood at the root of it’s policies and philosophies – the woman in charge, Margret Sanger and eugenics. Go to the advocates that you teach and have them do the research, by themselves. Then, ask them if the estimated 16 million (since 1973) African-American abortions where related to the policies and philosophies of Margret Sanger and her belief in eugenics. That’s 1,876 African-American babies killed per day in America, according to research estimates. There should be about 55 million African-Americans in the U.S.A., but there are only 39 million and it is predicted that the African-American vote will become insignificant by 2038. Then, bring your advocates here and we’ll have a look at their findings, feelings and thoughts. Should African-Americans be concerned? Are African-American abortions in proportion to Caucasian abortions with respect to population. Is The Negro Project myth or real? It will be interesting to see what your advocates bring to the table for serious intellectual consideration. Thank you for your time and consideration, Kerry, greatly appreciated. God Bless You!
    David A. Boyington
    Radio/Multimedia Producer

  5. So ms Snodgrass says anyone maintaining the abortion breast cancer link is a religious nut practicing junk science. instead of name-calling back, we ABC advocates invite you to look at the science on display. Go here :
    You might also consider “F.B.,” the Oregon woman who won a judgement against a Portland abortion clinic because it neglected to warn her of the high risks of breast cancer for a first-time pregnant teen. She got breast cancer. Multnomah Country Judge Koch ordered All Women’s Health Services to pay an undisclosed settlement on Jan.23, 2005.

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