Corporate Giant Comes Out Against GMOs



Kaiser Speaks about GMOs


It has come to our attention that Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed healthcare organization in the United States, has advised its members against GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in food.

In its Northwest Fall 2012 newsletter, Kaiser suggested membership limit exposure to genetically modified organisms.

“GMOs have been added to our food supply since 1994, but most people don’t know it because the United States does not require labeling of GMOs,” according to the newsletter.

Sounding like a radical organic health proponent, the huge corporate Kaiser continued, “Despite what the biotech industry might say, there is little research on the long-term effects of GMOs on human health.”

Independent studies have shown GMOs to cause organ damage in rats and the inability to reproduce, the Kaiser article said. Kaiser gave tips on how its members can avoid GMOs, including buying organic, looking for the “Non-GMO Project Verified” seal and to download the “ShopNoGMO” app.

Since corporations are required, by definition, to augment their bottom line, we think Kaiser’s efforts to encourage GMO avoidance for the members for whose health costs they must (sometimes!) pay – is telling.

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    1. It just would have been nice if it could have been prior to Prop 37 tanking. *sigh* But still glad to see Corps speaking out.

      1. Prop 37 didn’t tank it was election fraud……There is no-way that the everyday average person doesn’t want to know what is in their food.

        1. It might have been election fraud, but it definitely was fraud. The “information” put out by the proponents of GMOs was totally bogus nonsense that many people believed because the opposition didn’t have enough money to get the truth out.

        2. Sheldon,
          You would be surprised at how many people I know who could care less what is in their food. I personally have taken to caring not only what’s in my food but how my food is processed (or not). My husband and daughter, no matter how much I tell them; still think these processed foods taste good. After a couple months of eating mostly organic; I think it tastes awful and it makes me sick.

          1. Kaiser is amazingly bold to publish this story. Yay! It is sad but true that many people don’t care what is in their food. If if tastes good, if they haven’t had any bad experiences from it, if they really have never studied nutrition, they have no reason to care. That’s why I think this issue needs to be handled from an education level. The more I study the GMO issue ( I blog about it at the more I have come to realize that the US has a worse food supply than a third world country. Why would I say that? Because of processed GMO-laden foods filling grocery carts nationwide every day and the fact that we are getting less and less access to fresh, whole foods UNLESS we pay premium price for them. Yes, it’s possible to eat well, but it will cost you, a lot, and many folks aren’t willing or able to shell out the extra money. With all my heart, I believe that our food is the reason we are overweight, obese, and getting sicker in this country.

          2. Shannon, have your family go listen to a presentation with Jeffery Smith and I will guarantee they will most likely change their eating habits.
            After eating several months of organic, I hope I understand you correctly that processed foods taste awful and make you sick?

        3. Anyone who eats at McD’s or any other FF outlets (can’t really call them restaurants) obviously will eat any garbage and doesn’t care what’s in it.

    2. Thank you Keizer! If you don’t know what GMO’s are or some of the measured effects GMO’s have on your health you NEED to see upcoming documentary movie called Genetic Roulette playing at the NEst 16th May 6:30pm. Canned food admission. Organic popcorn available. Bring your own bowl! 241 S State St

  1. That is fantastic that they are concerned about GMOs. I never thought kaiser would do that. I can switch to them next year. I think I will!

  2. Kaiser reported that GMOs in our foods are a concern, and health risk, and should be avoided! This statement is impressive, courageous, and ethical! Thank You, Kaiser for being a responsible healthcare organization, who cares for, and respects the quality of health, and well-being of it’s policy holders.

  3. I’m delighted to hear that Kaiser Permanente has supported it’s claim on good health, and preventive healthcare. Kaiser reported that GMOs in our foods are a concern, and a health risk, and the public should avoid Eating them. This statement issued by Kaiser Healthcare is quite impressive, courageous, and ethical! Thank You,….Kaiser Permanente, for being a responsible Healthcare Organization that cares for, and respects the health, and well-being of it’s policyholders.

  4. I’m delighted to hear that Kaiser Permanente has supported it’s claim for good health, and preventive healthcare. Kaiser issued a statement that GMOs are a concern, and health risk, and that the public should avoid eating them! This is impressive, courageous, and an ethical stance to take. Thank You, Kaiser Permanente, for being a responsible Healthcare Organization, for caring for, and respecting the health, and well-being of your policyholders

  5. It’s great to see some responsible editorials on GMO’s, however, characterizing Kaiser Permanente as “a radical organic health proponent” gives the uninformed the wrong idea. GMO’s are made in a laboratory. The actual process is to forcefully shoot the genes on one species (whose gene trait is desired), into the DNA of another, totally unrelated species. Crossing the gene barrier if you will.

    In more detail it goes like this: The genes of Bacillus thurengiensis (a bacteria used in organic farming as an insecticide) are shot into the DNA of corn. The resulting Frankenfood is then patented as an EPA registered insecticide! Don’t believe me? Google Bt Corn! Every cell of that corn plant produces its own internal poison. When the corn root worm decides it wants a little breakfast, lunch or dinner, and takes a bit, its stomach explodes. Now, does that sound like the musings of a radical anything, or the thoughts of someone concerned about the long term effects of ingesting this foreign ‘food’?

    61 countries have labels or outright banning of GMO’s. Don’t you think we should have them here?

    1. Mike,
      Let me help you a bit here. “Forcefully shoot”? As a person that has been transforming plants for 25 years, I don’t think you know what you are talking about here. It is good that you note that Bt is used in organic farming. If you are afraid of it in transgenics (GMO) why not organics? It is the same peptide. It is not an insecticide per se, as it does not affect all insects. It is a peptide that has highly selective interactions with proteins of the target insect larvae– moths, butterflies or beetles. It is not a poison to you, it cannot affect you, it does not affect you. If it did, organic produce would be a problem too. It is not. Decades of evaluation show that this method of insect control is almost a miracle. The stomach does not “explode”, even though this is what every anti-GMO website says. The Bt protein (Cry1a) binds a specific receptor like a lock and key. Receptors recruit other proteins that congregate to form a pore and leakage of the stomach into the larval body cavity. You do not have these receptors or even remotely similar gut. Let’s let decisions be made by science and reason, not fear, and not because “the other guy does it”. Contact me with any scientific questions, I’m glad to answer them.

      1. Kevin,
        Some of us want to know what is in our food. You have been in this field for 25 years and might lose your job if GMOs are not wanted by the American people and I am sorry for that. But WE DON”T WANT GMOs!!!!!!! So I guess you will have to learn a new skill 🙂

        1. He raises a valid point. If you don’t want Bt from genetically engineered crops, then why is Bt ok in GMOs?

          1. The Bt is dilluted and sprayed on organic crops well prior to harvesting, and is degraded by the sun and water on the surface of the plant by the time it is harvested, and then people should wash veggies at home. Very little is left on the surface of the veggie by the time you eat it. With GMO’s the Bt genes are in every cell of the plant and cannot be reduced by sunlight or washing; it is very concentrated throughout the plant which is why the EPA regulates it as a pesticide, in addition to the FDA. In 2011 a study was done in Quebec Canada examining blood from pregnant women. According to the companies selling GMO’s the Bt is destroyed by digestion and never enters the blood stream, but this study found that 93% of the women tested had Bt circulating in their blood, and the umbilical cord blood showed that the majority of unborn children had also been exposed. Spraying a diluted form of something on the surface is far less risky, and orders of magnitude different in concentration, from engineering it into every cell of a plant. Kevin is correct that not all gene insertions are done with gene guns; there are several methods. I also have been working with plants for 40 years and believe, along with many other plant people, that tampering with species barriers is really unnecessary. Selective breeding yields great results with far fewer risks to human and environmental health. All the high tech is really more about the patenting of life and ownership of food crops, and the people doing it never ask themselves if they think it would be OK for someone to alter their genetics without their consent for the motive of profit.

      2. Oh really? They don’t shoot the genes in? Well tell me, why is the apparatus known as a ‘gene gun’? Oh wait, you prefer to use the term microprojectile bomabardment, right?

        The fact is that gmo’s have been found in the blood of pregnant women and their fetuses. The fact is that new proteins are released into our bodies. The fact is that the corn plant produces its own insecticide and I don’t want to eat anything that has it contained within.

        There has never been a human study of sufficient length to assuage my fears. 90 day rat studies don’t count.

        1. It seems you missed his point too. Bt is used in both organic agriculture and GMOs, so why aren’t you concerned about the Bt in organic?

          1. First, there is a difference between topical application and something being engineered into the genetic make-up of your food. Second, your idea that people are not concerned about Bt in organics is an incorrect assumption. We live in an imperfect world with imperfect organic standards included – if sufficient evidence is found that Bt is dangerous than it should simply be disallowed in the standard. That doesn’t make GMOs essentially equal to organics though – there are a whole host of reasons why I don’t like GMOs and still many other reasons to choose organic. Keep learning and make the best of the choices available to you accordingly.

          2. “Bt is used in both organic agriculture and GMOs, so why aren’t you concerned about the Bt in organic?”

            This is the same tired argument that is used for nuclear contamination, when someone asserts you get as much radiation from a granite countertop as you do from injesting radioiodine from Fukushima.

            There is a huge difference between a topical application that gets washed away in the rain or in your sink, and having the toxin incorporated into every cell of the food you eat.

            And if you can’t understand that, then you need to avoid granite countertops and eat food produced downwind from Chernobyl or Fukushima.

          3. When the BT toxin GROWS inside the food and cannot be washed off.. that’s the big deal about why it’s so bad in GMO food and less harmful when applied topically to plants…. You can’t wash it off…

            I like that woman on the Ted Talk… This video was on another thread and she asks common sense questions….

            Why are kids today allergic to food? The kids I see now are allergic to a bunch of things that none of my friends were when we were kids… makes you really wonder if they’re lying about the food being the same…

            Especially since they refuse to label it so we can see for ourselves. I want to know what I’m buying.

      3. I had heard from a doctor that more and more children and young adults are being told to eat organic to cure their leaky gut which was caused from eating genetically modified organisms. Sorry, you are not fooling anyone with your lies.

      4. Kevin,
        Let me help you a bit here. There are some rather significant differences between a Bt spray applied by an organic farmer on occasion and a plant engineered to express Cry proteins 100% of the time. To begin with a survey of organic farmers found only 45% of those surveyed used Bt spray and they obviously weren’t spraying it 100% of the time.
        Of course you know that the NOP requires that organic farmers use preventive, cultural, mechanical and physical methods before using pest control(biological or botanical material). In comparison Bt crops are supposed to express Cry 100% of the time whether there is a pest or not and Bt crop farmers do not have to use any NOP measures before using Bt crops. “Bt plants continuously produce Cry toxin during vegetation. As a result, these Bt plants do not comply with the principle of integrated pest management, as Cry toxin administration cannot be limited to the duration of the occurrence of the insect pest targeted. Bt insecticides and Bt plants may also differ in their active ingredients (bacterial protoxins and plant-expressed preactivated toxin), which in addition to pesticide registration issues, has pronounced effects on Cry toxin resistance and environmental persistence in stubble.”
        Bt spray is more degradable, “Bt is susceptible to degradation by sunlight. Most formulations persist on foliage less than a week following application.”
        In comparison Cry proteins expressed by Bt crops degrades much slower, ”Cry1Ab proteins persist in maize leaves and can be measured in the water column even 6 mo after harvest.”
        Studies suggest Cry proteins can persist in maize leaves for even 11 months and that Bt corn can produce 1500-2000 times more Cry1A toxin than Bt spray.
        With Cry proteins taking longer to degrade this can impact soil life.
        You claim, “It is a peptide that has highly selective interactions with proteins of the target insect larvae– moths, butterflies or beetles. It is not a poison to you, it cannot affect you, it does not affect you.” yet this study suggests, “Here we have tested for the very first time Cry1Ab and Cry1Ac Bt toxins (10 ppb to 100 ppm) on the human embryonic kidney cell line 293””Cry1Ab caused cell death from 100 ppm””In these results, we argue that modified Bt toxins are not inert on nontarget human cells”
        As well as studies on fish and mammals that suggest antibody responses, etc.
        That doesn’t even include antibiotic resistant markers that the British Medical Association says is a risk, etc.
        You said, “Let’s let decisions be made by science and reason, not fear”. Let’s let decisions be made by all the science, not just statements of those with a professional conflict of interest who make only positive claims about Bt crops based on the, “fear” that looking at all the science might hurt their career.

        1. Kevin,
          Put that in your pipe and smoke it!
          Is that enough science for you…..Like the man said “Let’s let decisions be made by all the science, not just statements of those with a professional conflict of interest who make only positive claims about Bt crops based on the, “fear” that looking at all the science might hurt their career.”
          The facts are that GMOs are toxic to humans and anything else that consumes them.

      5. If food can be labeled Kosher or gluten-free or “may contain peanuts” then it can easily be labeled non-GMO or “contains GE ingredients”. I just want to know what is in my food, and then I can make the choice of whether I want to buy it or not.

        I figure that Monsanto, DuPont, PepsiCo, etc., must have something to hide. Initiatives similar to California’s Proposition 37 should be introduced in every state, as well as at the national level.

        1. Eliot, it is currently actually illegal to label food as “GMO-Free,” because the FDA has declared GMO food to be “substantially similar” to non-GMO food, and therefore, a “GMO-Free” label is considered deceptive advertising. And these are the people who are protecting you!

          Currently, the ONLY way to avoid GMOs is to buy organic food — which is a pretty good idea, anyway!

      6. Kevin, so you say. However, regardless of your stance, there still haven’t been ANY long term trials to determine if what you say is true. The only ones undertaken by the biotech industry only go as long as 90 days. Other tests performed out of country that went beyond the 90 day parameter, DID show numerous and serious side effects. Until there are more and longer tests performed, you are merely a theorist. More to the point, I have spoken with several scientists who are in the same business you’re in and they have said time and again, that once the genome is changed, they really don’t have ANY idea how that particular peptide change will interact in the human system. And as an aside, I happen to be rather fond of Monarch butterflies. If you say you’re OK with the image of a Monarch caterpillar dying after having ingested BT corn, then you have no soul.

        1. “If you can imagine a (Monarch) caterpillar dying after eating (GMO) corn, you have no soul”? Really? You have got to be kidding me. Most caterpillars are pests. I’m sorry, but being able to imagine a caterpillar dying does not make one a soulless monster. I -like- caterpillars, but I can imagine that with very little trouble. Sometimes it’s us or them!

      7. Small scale organic farmer here:
        “If you are afraid of it in transgenics (GMO) why not organics? It is the same peptide.”

        Because it’s sprayed on in organic agriculture. It can be scrubbed off. The above statement also implies that we like having to spray Bt on our crops in the first place, and you would be wrong on that account. That’s not the same as every cell of a plant constantly producing Bt.

        First, even if the EPA and FDA throw out most claims of allergies due to Bt exposure on organic and GM farms, the WHO’s got enough claims, many verified, to fill volumes. You may be an expert in peptides, but if only one thing has been proven true, it’s that you don’t know everything about how complex proteins will interact. Need I remind you about the L-tryptophan debacle? In your high technical understanding of the interactions of specific proteins, you’ve lost the bigger picture.

        Second, as an aside, as a grower close to genetically modified canola, I live one pollen spore away from a lawsuit by a biotech firm. I don’t even grow commercially, but that would not stop the big three from using IP laws to crush me, as they have elsewhere to effectively outlaw all other forms of agriculture than their own. I’m also one spore away from traits emerging in my carefully husbanded crops that I have no desire for, and that will damage the lineage irrevocably. You can’t recall life!

        Third, none of this peptide interaction information is the point! The point is that the whole central pillar of capitalism is choice. Choosing is the automation of identification of demand and subsequent generation of supply. By concealing the existence of genetically modified ingredients in food, the entire equation the market-oriented world runs on is squelched. If people do not want to eat genetically modified foods, they have no recourse in the USA! This is a travesty, and a mockery of the very system Monsanto, Cargill, Syrgenta and the others espouse so highly.

        If they think so highly of their products, why don’t they label them? As you said, let’s base our decisions on reason – not haughtiness founded on technical know-how.

      8. Yes, Bt is used in organic farming (sometimes) and it is used ONCE only as needed NOT on the plant 100% of the time like in GMO. No where near the same.

      9. @ Kevin Folta, What about “gene slide”, where the gene’s unnatural forced into organism don’t stay put, and that “data string” is free to join with other organisms, like the bacteria flora and fona in your gut, turning your intestinal bacteria into an unstoppable BT factory.

        At present there are human genes in rice crops in the southeast, this presents problem for anyone on a kosher or non-cannibalistic diet, no?

        Pregnant women are warned to avoid rice grown in the US, because GMO rice has contaminated the fields with arsenic.

        When they finished mapping the human genome, they were surprised to find the body has 4 times the number proteins as there are genes, not the one to one ratio anticipated. So, for every one “desired effect”, there are three unknown effects. Feed your computer this recklessly and you know what will happen.

        Monsanto scientists had GMO food banned from their own Monsanto cafeterias. Why do you think they did that?

        1. @L Lamb the fields are contaminated with arsenic because we feed it to our chickens so their flesh will be a nice pink color and them we use their feces as fertilizer on rice, nice huh.

      10. Kevin,
        You must be employed by Monsanto or a look a like.
        Come spend a week in the field with me and I can show you from the soil up as to what is happening!
        Go Study!

      11. There is always some sort of industry defender on threads about GMOs. the difference between GMOs modified for Bt and spraying the plants with Bt is vast. Spray will wash off, it will degrade in weather. the Bt gene inserted in the plant cannot be washed off, it does not degrade. In fact in some studies, these BT producing genes were transfered to gut bacteria.

        Human cells are damaged by Bt toxin in the lab, there is no doubt about that- probably the same ‘lock & key’ you describe here. The same way it damages the stomach cells of insects.
        We want decisions made by science. Not the Multinational corporations who have a mandate to make a profit, not the government agencies that are composed of industry insiders.
        All independent tests show organ damage, increases in cancer and infertility in animals fed GMOs. Farmers have increased production, decreases in illness and increases in herd fertility when they switch to NON GMO grains for pigs, chickens and cattle.

        You will no longer be able to hide behind the FDA and the USDA. There are excellent scientific reasons GMOs are banned in the EU. We are the only industrialized modern nation that does not require labeling of GMOs, and it is coming here sooner or later. Prepare for that.

  6. Thank you for your article.
    Can you produce this Northwest fall letter from Kaiser? It would serve even better than an article about it. A link to it could also do it, but those get removed while an actual pdf of the letter would be of use.



  7. I’d like to see who the author is, and a link to the post if it’s online, or a photo of the newsletter. Sounds too good to be true; please post verification so we can make this go viral! Need to make sure this is Kaiser Permanente’s voice, not just an employee’s editorial…

  8. BRAVO! Honest and real corporate responsibility steps to the fore! The scum companies who spent heavily to deny consumer (eater) choice, hopefully will recede into the background…well behind Kaiser and others who embrace consumer wealth vs extracting their wealth.

  9. Kaiser is not being honest about this. Was just at their Geary/Divis center in San Francisco and they have GMO snacks for sale in their lobby with a sticker attached to the vending machine that says: “Be Healthy Enjoy a Kaiser Permanente Healthy Pick”. Healthy pick options include: Lays Potato Chips, Cheetos, Cheez-it crackers, and Frito’s to mention a few. Do they really know where GMOs are found? Are the foods they offer their in-patients GMO free?

    1. Nicky, those snacks are chosen by the vendor. A lot of Kaiser’s employees (myself included) are trying to get the vendor to change this. But because the FDA doesn’t think there is anything wrong with eating fake food, the vendor is able to label these frankenfoods as “healthy”.

      1. Debbie, as a Kaiser employee, can you make the source document available? Many of us would like to see it! I tried to download the newsletter, but apparently that is only for KP customers — you need your KP medical record number in order to download the newsletter.

  10. Thank you so much for this. I have been concerned with genetic engineering for over a decade and am inspired by this recent surge of interest in the issue in North America. I will certainly be communicating widely about your wonderful and brave action on our behalf!

  11. Mike Mittenberg and Susan Cann, you rock.

    Yours are questions, comments and requests that we all need to consider.

    Thank you!


  12. Regarding: “GMOs have been added to our food supply since 1994, but most people don’t know it because the United States does not require labeling of GMOs,” according to the newsletter.

    REALLY! That is interesting.

  13. Belize, Central America is at risk for developing more GMO use. Citizens everywhere on earth need to take a stand to ban GMO before it’s too late. Thanks to Kaiser for taking a stand – It is time for other HMOs and businesses to do the same.

  14. Im so impressed that this corp….has spoken up and spoke the truth abouth GMOs ……I will buy insurance from thse people

  15. I used to think their TV commercials were bogus but maybe they really do want us to thrive!! Way to go Kaiser!!!

  16. GMO’s are Government controled population control! They are Very dangerous to Everyones health and well being!! Any person can research GMOs and they will find a “dead end” at the Government level, this is where it Started and it was well Before 1994!!!

    I don’t think “this” comment will stay on here very long.

  17. Dear valuable health provider,

    Thank you. Thank you, thank you, for taking a stand against GMOs. My Sons are all eligible and searching for health plans through work and Kaiser is an option. This seals the deal for them. And I assume countless others who appreciate a large company putting their client’s legitimist health concerns before big business politics and profits.

    countless others who appreciates a health organization for taking a stand agains

  18. I call BS on Kaiser. It’s a PR move. Why support GMO labeling after the fact? Simple. While Monsato and their $45 million cronies have “won” a small battle, they have unwittingly tipped their hand. People now aware of who they really are. The rumblings of boycotts across the country have become louder. Grassroots organizations are forming. Kaiser, being smart about this is recognizing the danger of this to their bottom line is pretending to care what’s in their food. I would be more prone to accepting their “stance” if they actually “walked” their talk, by supporting the “Yes, to Prop 37”. For me, it’s too little and way too late.

  19. My November newsletter does NOT include anything about GMOs. Nor is there any information on Kaiser’s website regarding this. I sincerely doubt the story is true.

  20. I took my daughter in to the doctor today, and asked the doc about this. She said that I should call membership services and report it, because she’s never heard of such a thing in her organization. It’s a scam! Which, by the way, makes me further doubt the validity of the GMO haters arguments. If you all can’t even verify this information is correct, how the heck do we know that the info that you present regarding GMOs is true?

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  22. OBAMA said 1st time out that he would work towards gmo labeling.It’s put up or shut up time .How about a grass roots movement to “remind” him of his promise or was that all election rhetoric.

  23. it’s great that kaiser is doing this, but the writer might want to consider the fact that kaiser permanente is a *nonprofit* corporation, which means any ‘augmentation’ of its bottom line goes back into operating cash flow and *not* to share holders, as their are none. it is the return to share holders, and the resulting impact on stock price, that motivates for profit corporations to value profit over all other potential outcomes. this is really great news, but the lack of research about kaiser permanente is unfortunate.

  24. I think it’s a hoax… it’s not on the KP website and no major news outlets are verifying/reporting it. I’ve only been able to find blogs online with pictures of the scanned newsletter (photoshopped?). Even more, the studies on rats cited have been widely discredited by the European Food Safety Authority (Eurpoes version of the FDA) and other agencies (Source: ). I highly doubt an orginization such as KP would go out on this limb given the questionable “evidence”. If this newsletter is really true, it’s a really ballsy move by KP.

    1. The rat study has not been discredited by the real scientific community. On the contrary, the real scientific community has rallied around the scientists who did the rat study and pointed out the hypocrisy in the EFSA’s questioning the study’s thoroughness and methods, when both the thoroughness AND the methodology used in the rat study blow Monsanto and other biotech companies out of the water (the biotech industry’s studies were nowhere near as thorough or methodical, not to mention that US law allows the biotech companies to cherry-pick the data they submit to the USDA. In other words, if an outcome does not look good, the biotech company is not required to disclose it. The biotech company is allowed to rig and cherry-pick the data it submits).

      You are the one who says the EFSA is Europe’s equivalent of our FDA. Well, both the FDA and the USDA are filled with (and run by) people with biotech industry connections, former directors of Monsanto, etc.Even our Supreme Court has a judge who once lawyered for Monsanto (Clarence Thomas). Our process has been corrupted by lobbyists and a “revolving door” policy that puts foxes in charge of henhouses. This revolving door MUST be stopped, if the USA is ever to again enjoy anything resembling independent, truth-oriented scientific evaluation of health risks.

      And by the way, when GMO’s were introduced 20 years ago, it was over OBJECTIONS raised by the FDA’s own scientists at that time. Those scientists were ignored and overridden, and eventually replaced by “scientists” more willing to dance to Monsanto’s tune.

      1. Thanks for the info Deb. I can definitely see how there might be some serious conflict of interest… what do you think is the best/most effective way we can get the foxes out of the hen-house?

    2. Much as i wish it were actually the case Kaiser had taken such a bold stand, i tend to agree with Tom that, at least as far as Kaiser’s Partners in Health newsletter is concerned, this scan appears to be a wishful and well-designed fiction. I’ve looked at every 2012 issue of the newsletter (–including the Northwest-specific articles, found at the ‘What’s new in the NW’ link of each issue–and found no mention of the article in question. Further suspicion arises from the fact the newsletter is a monthly, not a quarterly as the ‘Fall 2012’ date on the scanned cover would indicate, and only one of the articles listed on the cover exists in fact, in the July 2012 issue: “One Member’s Fight Against Obesity” (
      But credit to this Yes Men-like operation if it helps raise awareness of this food-supply, biodiversity, and human-health threat.

  25. @Tom, the article you link to is not even the one the Kaiser article refers to? So much for “discredited research”. Maybe Kaiser wants to change its image… from corporate giant in bed with industry to corporation that care about the welfare of its people?

  26. The “organic” band-wagon has gone out of control…. Organic is available almost everywhere in Ca. Yes it 2-3 times the price of traditionally produced food. but it is one’s choice. TO REQUIRE labeling , makes it no longer a choice. If organic, and non GMO’ choose to label their food as such,more power to them, and if the public chooses to buy their products, that is their right. BUT TO REQUIRE ALL OTHERS to adhere their preferred standards is un-realistc. Food priceswould definitely rise, and worse…which 20-30%of the world’s population should be denied food. Starvation world wide would definitely occur

    1. @Mark What a bunch of ludicrous statements you have made! They label gmos all over the world, even China. Why not here?Food prices did not go up all over the world so why would they here? People are starving because of poverty. Our child poverty rate is high in the US, 23.1%, I don’t see GMOs solving our problems here? So please stop with the ridiculous claims about world hunger and increased food costs!

  27. Obviously, a lot of people are not members of Kaiser Oregon. I am a member of Kaiser Northern California and we don’t get monthly magazines (they’re quarterly, I think.) However, I would not be surprised to see this, given Kaiser’s commitment to locally grown food at the weekly farmers markets they sponsor at many of their northern California bay area locations. These have been going on for about 10 years now and are originally the idea of the previous chief physician at Kaiser Oakland. Would I expect to see this article from Kaiser Georgia? Probably not. But it’s entirely possibly that Kaiser Oregon does take this stand, and if so, I imagine we in northern California may see it soon.

  28. Kaiser rejects GMOs for the same reason they’re banned in Europe – if you’re providing healthcare, you don’t want to be burdened with the potential onslaught of disease caused by ingestion of GMO products.

  29. Kaiser Permanente makes no statement against GMOs. Take a closer look at what is offered as proof of KP’s advice against GMOs. The 2nd photo page is purported to be from KP. It is not. It is a paid to full page promotion/advertisement from/by the and The statements attributed to Kaiser are the statements of

    1. @sally, not sure what you are talking about but you are incorrect. This is not an ad and Kaiser does not put ads in its newsletter!

  30. Sorry I don’t have time to read all the comments here. I’m doing some research on the possible link between Morgellons and GMOs as my brother experienced what he’s now sure was Morgellons living in Orange Co California. What he described was especially terrifying as he described it to me from a quadriplegic paralyzed state after his body was attacked by staph (intra spinal epidural abscess) and he was rushed to New Kaiser Anaheim Hospital…unable to move anything beneath his neck. He had no words for it at the time. He’d just had spinal cord surgery (on Sept. 27, 2012) and we couldn’t talk long. He was still in ICU and as I spoke with him I was still in shock from having just learned my brother was maybe paralyzed for life…if he survived. They checked his heart for staph next and he was pumped full of antibacterial antibiotics for the next several weeks and miraculously but slowly started recovering from the paralysis. A few weeks later he was moved to Rancho los Amigos (also in LA) for further rehab and the antibiotic barrage was continued there. He mentioned his experience to a doctor at Rancho and for the first time he heard the name Morgellons. The doctor didn’t seem to know much about it, but he said it sounded similar to it.

    He said it acted like bugs but not like bugs you’ve ever seen or heard of. He had these strings (or whatever!) coming out of his body and he said it reacted and behaved with some sentience. Creepy. Even creepier, he said it was even inside unopened canned foods, in sealed frozen foods, ice cubes..everywhere. He asked ME how can that happen? I said I don’t know… organized microorganisms? Can they do that? When he put certain skin sanitizer on his hands and afterwards his entire body (cuz it worked) he said black “threads” came crawling out of him in great numbers…tons of them he said the tub was full of them. He was revolted. He was freaking out as he described it to me begging me to believe him.. I did but in horror.

    My brother is not a nut. Not even close. He was terrified but apparently free of it as well as the staph, after all the weeks of sanitary conditions and antibacterials coursing through him for over 7 weeks he got another MRI and was cleared for takeoff. HOPEFULLY he is free of it. He did NOT go back to his apt in Orange, nor did he take ANY personal belongings from there. I flew him from LA to Denver last Friday with only the clothes he got from Rancho. I told him LEAVE it behind. Do not look back. Sounds almost biblical… we’re not religious and we’re not hypochondriacs. This was real. We don’t know if that is also what led to the staph attack and takeover of his body.

    What I found very interesting about this Kaiser WARNING against GMOs and I’m SURE I’m not the only one who noticed… is that KAISER PERMANENTE in Northern California is the very same health organization the CDC asked to research Morgellons for them in their recent “Morgellons study” which was inconclusive, and basically remained unclear and unhelpful as to its origins, treatment and pathology.

    The CDC continues to describe it as an unexplained dermatological condition likely due to mass hysteria…delusional parasitosis. Yeah right, my perfectly sane brother (who’d never seen nor heard anything about Morgellons before) and tens of thousands of others all over the country and the world are imagining all this? They really expect us to believe that? No. There’s something horribly wrong with the food supply. We have to stop this.

    My brother won’t even read or research more about Morgellons (he knows next to nothing about it as he’s been hospitalized for weeks) until he’s written his own experiences so they don’t taint or influence his own full, clear personal recollections. I agreed that sounds like a good idea. In the meantime I’m researching it and am truly scared for the world. I am afraid they’ve gone too far. I never liked the idea of this type of gene manipulation (for profit). It always struck me as going way too far with insufficient knowledge, wisdom and prudence. Now I know why. And I’m modifying my buying and eating habits 100%.

    Kaiser Permanente maybe isn’t going public with what they found because as someone else mentioned earlier…. THERE’S NOT ENOUGH NON GMO FOOD SUPPLY TO GO AROUND at this point. So instead they’re very quietly, gently and let’s say… diplomatically? warning their own customers not to eat GMO foods. Well I’d advise EVERYONE to listen cuz these same patsies just finished telling the CDC they don’t know what’s causing ALL THESE PEOPLE to have freakish infected skin sores all over their bodies and THINGS that look like little nanomonstrosities coming out of their skin all over California and other especially active GMO cultivation areas; Texas, Florida…

    So America, welcome to the brave new world… Pandora’s box is now open for business and is sitting on the breakfast, lunch and dinner table. Your kids are eating out of it…. BAN IT BAN IT BAN IT and while we’re at it OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. Hopefully one day nature can recover from these evil little men at the top playing God with all of us with apparent impunity. What have they done?

  31. People, KP made no such statement. This is a hoax. I fyou search their webiste, there is only one article that mentions GMO’s, with no such warnings for avoidance.

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