Two young parents face off against DHS to regain custody of their twin boys.


Alyssa and Chris Weber had the same kindergarten teacher but they didn’t meet until grade school. They started dating when she was a junior in high school.

“We used to hit each other over the head with a pop bottle,” recalled Alyssa. Soon after, he proposed: “He did a knee slide up to me in the cafeteria and asked me to marry him with a ring and everything,” she said.

“I didn’t have a rose in my mouth. That was the only off key,” added Chris.

The Webers married in 2008 at Stayton Pioneer Park. Alyssa had just found out she was with child. “We were both happy … and shocked, and kinda scared because of the fact that we were homeless,” she said. They hadn’t been able to make the rent and were living in their Chevy Lumina for a few weeks. Upon receiving the news, they moved in with Alyssa’s grandmother until their twin boys, Aiden and Zander, were born. Soon after, they found a place of their own.

“Two weeks after we moved out, DHS took our kids,” said Alyssa, who was eighteen at the time.

She had noticed two-month old Zander was fussy and wasn’t moving normally. Concerned, she rushed him to the emergency room. An x-ray revealed he fractured his clavicle, but an ER doctor explained that this kind of injury is common in babies, often caused by the birth process, and that they may go undetected because children so young don’t move around very much. Zander’s fracture was left to heal on its own.

At the time, the Webers didn’t know what could have caused the fracture.

The hospital called the child abuse report hot line in March ’09. “It is our policy [that we report] any child up to age two with any fracture that is not associated with a motor vehicle accident,” said Julie Howard, Salem Hospital spokesperson.

The Marion County child abuse expert ordered full body x-rays of both boys, which revealed a possible fracture on Aiden. When investigators could not get a clear answer of how either injury may have happened, DHS [Department of Human Services] took custody of the twins, suspecting child abuse.

Soon after, it was confirmed that Aiden never actually suffered a fracture, but by then it was too late.

“We all sat around and thought what could’ve caused Zander’s fracture. Within a week after they were taken, we figured it out,” said Alyssa. “We were on our way to go pick up my mum and go shopping. She would help us out with what we needed that we couldn’t get with food stamps. I noticed the car seats were a little snug but we were already late to pick her up. We almost rear-ended someone. I slammed on the brakes to avoid an accident.”

The day before the almost-accident, the boys had received shots and Alyssa was expecting them to be fussy, which is why she said she did not noticed he was hurt.

“We told DHS what happened and they still said the cause was undetermined,” she said. “We didn’t agree with that report.”

Authorities dropped all criminal abuse charges but DHS founded them for neglect because of the ‘unexplained’ injury.

As part of the DHS investigation, the Webers submitted to DHS psychological tests. A DHS-appointed psychiatrists diagnosed Alyssa with depression, anxiety and ADHD. Chris was diagnosed with PTSD and ADHD, and was told he needed to “grow up and mature.”

“When they found out it wasn’t child abuse and that we were gonna do everything possible so that it didn’t happen again, they told me that I wasn’t mentally stable enough to care for twin boys when I was doing it fine before,” she said. “I only made one mistake which was not loosening up their car seats before leaving the house.”

The Webers did say they have been sad.

“It’s hard enough every morning waking up and not seeing the boys in our house. We stored all their toys in her grandma’s house so we didn’t have to see them,” said Chris.

Two weeks after the call to the hot line, a juvenile court judge granted DHS temporary custody of the children, while DHS stated they would “continue to seek jurisdiction of the children.” The conditions for return included the parents’ cooperation with treating their mental health issues and them proving they had the knowledge and ability to parent.

“How do they know that I can’t parent when they haven’t even given me the chance to try and I’m a first time parent?” questioned Alyssa.

The twins have been in foster care for the last sixteen months. During this period, the Webers found an infected gouge on one of the boys’ heads, it was revealed that they had received a double dose of vaccines, and the kids were taken out of state, they said.

“I didn’t see anything stating that they had permission from the judge. They went to a wedding for a family that wasn’t even their family and we missed a home visit over it,” said Alyssa.

Since the boys were taken, the Webers have been allowed to visit them a couple of hours a week in a DHS location supervised by a note-taking observer.

In August’09, DHS had noted the parents’ strong bond with the babies. Yet by December, the Webers failed to meet many of the DHS workers’ standards. They stated a lack of bonding with the children; they commented on the Webers’ appearance, which was “unkempt;” they made “little eye contact” and they claimed the children made less vocalizations and attempts to stand up when around their parents than with the foster parents.

They stated: “Both children are very attached to their foster parents … both children do not appear to have a strong bond with their parents.”

The Webers agree. They say the time spent away, the limited visits and the children’s young age have contributed to their lack of proper bonding.

“Other DHS kids may seem like they are bonding better with their parents because they are older,” said Alyssa.

“Our boys don’t look at us as parents, they look at us as the Monday babysitters,” said Chris, adding that a joyful DHS employee told him one of the boys said “hi dada” to the foster parent. “It was good news because they’re talking but it was a slap in the face, it was like saying ‘Guess what, your kids don’t believe in you.”

Alyssa said, “It hurts. It doesn’t feel right. I carried them for practically 9 months. We’re the ones who created them. I went through the c-section and the recovery time. I spent all those nights taking care of them and I make a single mistake and someone else gets to have my kids.”

In order to improve their bonding skills and meet DHS requirements, the Webers took a class called “How to bond with your child,” which recommended parents to “use your babies as weights to benchpress” among other things. They also had several meetings with parenting counselors.

Their efforts were in vain. DHS stated that they had failed to demonstrate their newly acquired skills; for example, by not using the DHS toys. “We used the toys. And we have recorded every visit until DHS told us we weren’t allowed to record anymore,” said Chris.

In the first part of 2010, the State’s plan continued to be returning the kids to their home and the couple had made some progress in DHS’ opinion: Alyssa was engaged in counseling and taking medication, and they had taken parenting classes. They were ready for Aiden and Zander to come home. “We baby proofed our whole house,” said Chris.

Then, in June ’10, there was an unexpected turn of events: DHS recommended that the plan for Aiden and Zander be changed from return to parent to adoption, based on visit observations and the fact that Chris had failed to get a job and attend counseling.

“It all changed when the foster parents said they wanted to be permanent guardians for the boys,” said Chris. “DHS always had their mind set on adoption,” added Alyssa.

Indeed, a May 2009 court document stated that adoption was a concurrent plan. “It doesn’t seem right when it says that that early,” said Chris.

They believe that their boys are very desirable candidates for adoption because they’re younger than most kids who enter the foster care system and they’re identical twins.

“They won’t remember their parents if they’re adopted out now. On a little one they can change their last names, they can make them believe they’re the real parents. And identical twin boys are like gold for people because not everybody can have twins and twins get the most attention,” said Alyssa, adding that people used to stop her constantly to praise her babies.

A juvenile court judge will make a final decision August 30th at 9:00 a.m.

“Chris has a job now and he got into counseling,” said Alyssa. Chris is confident that the boys will come home this time, but Alyssa said, “I don’t want to get my hopes up.”

Added to their fears is the fact that Alyssa is now seven months pregnant. She is expecting another boy, who will carry the name of Iven James.

“I should be happy about this pregnancy but all I am is terrified. DHS told me I’m red flagged. They told me, ‘If you’re gonna have it in the hospital we’re gonna be there ready to pick it up,'” she said. “They are saying we are not stable enough to have either the twins or Iven.”

Gene Evans, communications officer for Child Welfare, said it’s very rare for DHS to be in the hospital when an infant is born, but he said, “It does happen if there’s a danger but not because another child is in DHS.”

He continued, “Every case is different. Every case starts with someone reporting a child is in danger.” He also said that a report could come from a DHS employee if they thought either parent presented a danger and that they are in fact mandatory reporters.

Evans said that potential issues could be drugs, alcohol or even mental illness, including depression, but DHS would need a reason beyond just the depression per se, such as deeming the mother unable to make decisions. “It’s about the mom’s behavior,” he said.

The Webers plan to have Alyssa’s father adopt Iven before he’s born, but they haven’t started the process because of a lack of resources, and a hope that the judge will rule in their favor before they need to resort to that.

At her young age of twenty, she is thinking about having a hysterectomy. “I’m thinking about having my tubes tied after this one because of all the troubles with DHS. I’m too terrified at having more babies yanked from me,” she said. The Webers wanted a large family.

“We had a lot of hopes and dreams for our kids, like how we would spend our first holidays,” said Alyssa. “We haven’t had a single holiday with them. I’ve requested them, and I said I would agree to having supervision the entire time, and nothing. They say ‘we’re closed for that.'”

The Webers have a clean record. “We don’t do drugs, we’re completely clean people,” said Chris, adding that they are peaceful people and that he never even curses. “In over seven years he’s yelled at me once or twice, and that was only to get my attention,” added Alyssa.

They think their financial situation acted against them, particularly in their inability to hire a lawyer. “I got a court-appointed attorney. They work for the state, doing what the state wants,” said Alyssa.

There is one loophole, but they’re not confident it will help. Chris is Native American, Ojibwa, Black Foot, Cherokee and Cheyenne. However, he doesn’t have an official statement of his background. “I’ve been trying to find my grandfather my whole life,” he said.

DHS rules apply differently to Native Americans. “It would be up to the tribe to decide whether or not the boys can come home,” he said. “But it’s up to DHS.”

The requirement to achieve Native American status may vary. “In some cases it could be 1/2 and for others it could be 1/16,” stated Evans.

The May 2009 record stated that DHS was “still researching whether the [Indian Child Welfare Act] would apply to this case.” The Webers have yet to receive an answer.

Though they believe their case is unfair, they say sometimes DHS is justified, as in Chris’s case. He was abused as a child and grew up in foster homes.

“DHS is taking an Oregon kid unrightfully,” said Alyssa. “I believe that DHS Child Welfare in the state of Oregon has become corrupt with either money or power and are beginning to discriminate against young parents or parents with minor mental health issues.”

According to Chris, DHS would have returned the kids faster if he had left Alyssa. “The judge said my mental disabilities don’t inhibit my ability to parent, but Alyssa’s disability would.”

The Webers owe DHS a few thousand dollars for their boys’ stay. “$365 dollars per month for each. It’s like a daycare fee,” they agreed.

States fund their own child protective services, with large amounts of help from the federal government. Additionally, states receive federal incentives for increasing the number of foster children who are adopted out.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families, Oregon received $220,000 in 2009 for increasing its rate of adoptions compared to previous years.

“They say that they are there to help put families back together but that is a lie,” Alyssa stated. “They are there to rip them apart and get the money while doing so.”

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  1. This is my blogspot I’m writing about DHS cases where the child was taken out of a happy home nothing wrong with it. Also the same thing is happing with us.

    1. Listen. I am from mississippi and I had problems living there. I lost my children to a former drug dealer. Yes DHS gave custody of my kids to a former drug dealer in 2002. I was 22 at the time uneducated. That is what they do. They prey on the young parents instead of helping them. Today I have a high school diploma and I am in college right now working on my bachelors in Business Science and Management. The father still has no high school diploma.

      1. None of you are alone. I’ve put together an organization to help fight the battles for us all. we have to link up to stop them from taking more of our. children. I’m from Mississippi and I would love the opportunities to meet and link up with you all. Facebook me Tonice JCS Griggs. or email me at tonicegriggs@gmail .com

        1. I was never involved with dfact. And I lived in Columbus ga but a work went to blacksher to lie and get my 2 and 5 year old adopted out. Found out today the the father of my kids mother is kin to most of the works. She new I was leaving to go to my family in indana. So the probate Court the dfacs office working to get my kids.

        2. My heart goes out to you. Department of human services are kidnapping our children they get paid for every child they adopt out and removed from our homes. My daughter and I are in the process of putting together a class action lawsuit against department of human services. They have done this to several people and I’ve heard it over and over again they come up with excuses that you’re unable to take care of children you’re not mentally stable or else you’re on drugs. It’s time to put a stop to Department human services kidnapping our children. Like I said my heart goes out to you and we’re going to contact as many people as we can start the lawsuit to get everyone involved that has been done wrong. God bless you Ronnette

    2. When are we as parents going to actually have parental rights? DHS wanted a psychiatric evaluation why?…Oh let me guess…I was seen on a rooftop clucking like a chicken? Pleeeaaase. It’s like you are guilty until proven innocent in this ” Third Reich” government agency. I actually heard that a monetary bonus is given to caseworkers that remove children and place them into fostercare homes. Which in turn would come to light that there is no evidence and just hearsay in multiple, and I mean multiple, cases. Granted they are needed in some cases but it”s my opinion that we no longer live in the “LAND OF THE FREE”. What constitutional rights? Whatever you do folks…retain legal counsel that is not court appointed. It’s my opinion, as is this whole message entirely, that DHS preys on the less fortunate or lower class or uneducated. Why else would DHS appoint a “PUBLIC PRETENDER” I mean public defender without even asking? Can you say CORRUPTION?

      1. I think you are right and I think that CPS or DHS need to leave people alone. They took my grand babies from a living home and destroyed the lives of more the the 5 family members in their household for no reason . The charges were made up. Then 40 miles away we beg them to protect my grandson that is really being abused by his father ( but they do nothing). They need to get out of people’s lives and they should not even have an option of putting children up for adoption. That is not up to them.

        1. Until people stand up together and fight nothing will be done. Most people think if a child is taken its for a reason because its an agency. I have seen dhs take children only because the parents are from Guatemala no charges of abuse at all but then adopted out

          1. I cps took my son the weekend of Christmas, because I didn’t have a baby sitter in the hospital. My son was not left alone. I went in for pain in my legs. Nothing major. we both were well dressed thinking we would be in and out. My son had no bruises on him. They made me take a Psyche Eval. I checked for no bipolar, no schizo, or depression and I was told that It was told an officer would restrain me if I try to leave that hospital.They took my son the weekend of Christmas and when I went to the cps office they told me I needed a baby sitter to get him back. I had just moved to Dallas Texas and I knew no one.It’s now two years later and I was forced to give my child up for a family member that does not care wether my son is left in the system or not.My lawyer told me the only way I could get him out the system is to relinquish my rights. Can someone help my find another attorney.

          2. They are so corrupted (DCFS) I had 3 girls that they took from me and won’t even give me or my wife a chance to fight to get them back. They adopted them out and took my rights away, but I did not sign a paper for my rights to be taken. How can they adopt them out..?????

          3. It’s because the department of human services gets like $4000 for every child they adopt out. They are crooked they are liars and they need to be taken down.The judges are in on it the tourneys her in on it they’re all in on it it’s a corrupt system.

      2. DHS in OR is so messed up. There are so many horror stories. The law is that evidence has to be “at least 50% true” to be considered fact in OR family court. I’ve seen dhs flat out lie many times. These people are criminals and I think the justice department needs to get involved. Judges and caseworkers in OR get bonus checks when they adopt a kid under the child protection act. OR is one of only a handful of states that do this anymore because OBVIOUSLY it leads to what’s happening in OR. Theyre ruining families and destroying kids lives. OR also has very high taxes, particularly in Multnomah county,so it runs off many businesses which means no jobs. So the state and these agencies are hurting for money.How do they get most of their funding? The federal government. The thing is, they get paid based on how many kids are in the system so it benefits dhs and the state to keep kids and families in the system – ie kidnapping children from their parents over dumb crap. Then once in the system it’s very difficult to get out of (mainly due to ridiculous expectations of these people, most of which do not have kids and have a very warped view of reality).

      3. The courts do ask you if you can afford and attorney. If you say no then that is when you get the public defender.No one is entitled to a free lawyer unless they ask and say they can’t afford an attorney.

    3. I too been through the same situation. SHARON DORFMAN was her name and she was everything but nice and polite. I too was a young parent and DHS used that against me. My parents were alcoholics and I was staying at my husbands family house at the time when DHS took me & my child out of my parents legal custody and put me in a safe house even though I was not even living in their house. Then DHS decided to flip it around on me and they said that I was not doing everything to protect my daughter. Sharon manipulated the story with the he said and she said,trying to get something out of it. I had to go through counseling and all of that! Until I realized everything on the report that I had to ask for because she refused to give it to me was false. I had called her supervisor and got it from her. That is when I had to get the law involved because I was not about to lose my baby because this lady did not approve of my age, which was 18. I got a lawyer involved and almost immediately the case was closed. Her plans were to keep me in the system until I was 21 and to put my daughter in foster care. Keep in mind that I did nothing wrong and I was living in a perfect household but one phone call from my brothers highschool landed me in this ridculous situtation. I was about to start a job at the time. Sharon was nothing but rude to me the second she met me. She would lay my daughter on her belly and throw objects at her face to see if she would flinch. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW THAT IT SUPPOSE TO WORK?!SHE WAS AT THAT TIME 3 MONTHS OLD AND SHE WAS WIPPING STUFFED ANIMALS AND BABY RATTLES AT HER FACE!….Anyways the point is that I WON & I WAS RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING! SHAROn had no right and all those DHS employees want to do is break up a family so they can get a pay check and say they did something good. I was 18 at the time, family would not talk to me and my husbands family would not because they thought I had something to do with it.
      TO SHARON:
      …People involved in DCFS make sure you get a second opinion from a lawyer because these people will ruin your lives and rub it in your face!

      1. It’s like this I’m a. Mother of 8 I’ve made horrible choices in my life I know there was times I should not have been allowed to be a mother I was selfish. The choices I made directly and indirectly traumatized my children by putting them in foster care not once but twice both times my case was in the final stages of pretrial of termination of parental rights both times I fought it I did everything dhs asked plus extra I didn’t find excuses why I couldn’t but found solutions to get it done even when I thought I couldn’t. And trust me I did not believe my beautiful intelligent children would ever come home too me infact I was convicened dhs wouldn’t especially while I was pregnant with my 7 baby dhs had came to my house did the walk thru told me everything looked great I just needed to hang a heavy mirror my son when born should be able to come home with me from the hospital. Except 3 wks later at the hospital dhs came. To my room ordered me to stop breast feeding sent my son to the nicu even though he was 100% healthy born on his due date and born clean trust me they drug tested him and me. When I asked y they said because I was around unsafe individuals I asked when they said it happen on a day I had 100% documented that I was only around the safest people ever I evenI kept track of everything I did or went to that way there could never be a question of what I was doing later and it was good thing because it turns out it was the day my caseworker came to my house the day she did a total walk thru of my entire apt and said everything looked good except for that mirror Anyways I gave birth Friday nite got to spend 3 nites in the nicu with my son til my court date Monday mourning at court I found out there unsafe person I was supposibly around wasn’t a person it was a car a blue dodge stealth that they thought was my dad’s blue ford Taurus they didn’t even run the plates they didn’t bother asking me who’s car it was they didn’t even stop to think wow that cars the same color of her dad’s car but we didn’t see him in her apt anywhere no instead they took my son for 2 wks til a judge found they wrongfully took my son. Although that wasn’t the end of it for me with dhs I foolishly gave money to a friends girlfriend that I really had no business helping and lost my children I went to jail because he was wanted for not checking in with his PO my case changed to adoption but I didn’t give up instead I fought I dug into recovery I looked at my criminality and relized there’s a lot more I needed to work on then just what dhs asked of me I enrolled in a drug court completed it with zero sanctions or violations infact I had my 8th child that has never had a dhs case open on her I now have 7 of 8 of my children home with me my oldest lives with her father. I no longer have dhs my case has been closed and now instead I am a moms mentor working with women who have lost their children and mentoring them to try to help them regain custody of their children as well. If you are struggling with a open dhs case please do not give up make phone calls get enrolled in programs fight for your children do not believe the lie that dhs and court appointed lawyers try to tell parents that if you sign over your rights you will still be able to see your children it is a lie they have no control over u seeing your children once they are adopted it is totally upto the adoptive parents . Please fight for your babies never give up on regaining your family

        1. I am currently fighting to get my children back. I have 8 children 7 were taken ( false allegations).. and I was pregnant with my 8th son at the time. I never had any dealings with dhs so i didn’t know what to do what to expect but help. Help, because my living situation was with family after we left our unsafe housing situation of a neighbor drugdealer threatened my oldest son,he was 14 at the time. Dhs said they were going to help with housing that was all a lie. I have been doing everything that they ask of me up until recently had a nervous breakdown and I am now recovering from it. The result of it was negative cause I’ve missed months of visits and I was so sad that i was thinking maybe i am a horrible mother and they are better off this is something we mothers face everyday and when it happens its a plus for dhs and it has set me back so far I need guidence to get back on track currently I have 3 of my children, my oldest son is in college and 2 family members are getting 2 of my babies. My youngest 2 children are in jeopardy of being adopte. Its a lot more to this story good and horrible just need help getting my fam back together

    4. I have a founded report of child endangerment against my daughters father, and they wont help me. DHS took my duaghter and gave her to her meth addicted Dad. I fought her whole life to keep her away from him. 2 years ago I lost that fight. I now have a follicle test confirming he was using meth and weed the entire time, yet nothing is being done. I want someone to help me, an attorney, something!!! This is ridiculous!!!

    5. I to lost 3 of my 5 children as ayoung parent! Same story ,living with a alcoholic that abused me so when i went to leave him he called dcfs and trashed my apartment so that when they came it would be called enviromental neglet! I tried to get my children back and went to a dcfs paid counceler,got a evaluation through a dcfs paid phyc. Got myGed got married to a wonderful man and got my license and a full time job after theyhad taken the first 2 and after all that they took my 3rd born child from the hospital. That information should be against the hippa act but didnt seem to matter. Again i jumped thru all there rediculous hoops and they sat in my livingroom of the house my husband and i was buying and told me that my parenting skills would never match there standerds and i could have 15 babies and they would take them all!!!! They adopted out my oldest 2 children to some people in west frankfort il that had money and the baby they took from the hospital went to a dcfs transporter that couldnt have children and had already adopted 2 boys but no girls so she got my daughter Brianna Michelle.They got me to agree this time saying wouldnt it be better to have a open adoption so you will no where she is and how she is and you will get pics ,ya right after i did what they wanted i never heard from my daughter again! That was 14 years ago and i havnt gotten 1 picture or call or letter! Since then i have had 2 more children ,one is 12 and she is beautiful and happy and a son that is Autistic which requires that i be a very knowledgable mommy and he is 9 he has exceeded all of his doctors expectations. Here is the irony in it all, i now have my oldest 2 kids back! One still lives with the foster dad and since he has been into a little trouble i have had the (parents) that adopted my oldest 2 contact me multiple times begging that i take them back! My oldest daughter lives on her own now but did come live with me at 17 till 19 as the (mom) couldnt do it any more, then my son stayed with the dad but he comes to see me often and i am happy that i have almost all of my kids back but i still want to see my daughter Brianna Michelle. My kids have told me of the horror they experienced while being adopted out and i cant air out there painful childhood problems but it doesnt mean that they didnt suffer at the hands of strangers or that dcfs hasnt went beyound the scope of there job duties! Im just greatful that i can see them now and that i did get to raise my other 2 children. I do think it has to do with a larger pay check for dcfs and if you are experiencing this problem now please do the work,get paperwork that proves it because no one will just take your word for it ,make every visit go to counceling better yourself and your life but have the paperwork to back it up because only you is on your side! The judge may still give into this saling children business but No one can say you didnt give it your best and if and when you see your children again then you can show it to them that you tried. Good l uck and God bless you all

    6. Georgia is the worst, the case workers get caught in many lies on the stand ,no pergey charges, not nothing. If it had of been me caught as many times as the caseworker I would have been put in jail. All dfcs is – is a legal child trafficking scam. They make up lies to cover why they stole the children from their homes. Each caseworker gets incentive pay for each child they get adopted. Here in Georgia they go after the poor knowing they don’t have the money to fight them. The juvenile judge also gets a percentage along with the state. They get these incentive pay from federal gov. Thanks to bill Clinton for passing that law.

    7. I am very sorry Brittany. I am in Seattle and still have an open cps case. My daughter was taken at birth. MY termination trial is next month. Their reason is “mental health” even though not once throughout my pregnancy or the last 25 months have I harmed my child. She has come to visits with bruises and cuts. She is denied food because the state is worried my daughter will become “obese”. I am not geneticly obese. I am big because of stress, my first pregnancy and the fact Im 10 weeks pregnant again.

      DCFS is terrible! They do some good. But my case isnt one of them. MY mom is more than willing to take my daughter but because of her age and accusations with no proof she has been denied. Its a nightmare. I just hope someday the system will be changed.

  2. I wonder if DHS is aware that losing a baby often causes PTSD, anxiety and depression. This happens all the time with the parents I work with whose babies have died before, during or after birth for any reason.

    1. i lost a child then two weeks later had my other 2 taken by dhs cause of their step father abusing them i did everything asked of me moved out went to counseling got a job got a home even a divorce was done but they still will not return my children they want to make me miss my kids birthday cause they say i need more counseling that is fine i will go counseling i just want my children home what can i do my caseworker is lying to me i am lost

      1. I went threw a session when my three boys were placed out my home, and the sad thing is this the system is here not to help us parents but rather to see us fail, but you as parents have to get educated on your rights as the parents. Yes the court may have jurisdiction for the moment but you still have your rights as the parent. If you don’t agree with your case worker ask for another one that is your right ask for a team descion making meeting and that is when you bring ALL you concerns to the table. Dont just sit there and allow these people to take your babies from you, believe me if God intended for them to have kids he would have gave them their own. I always kept notes documents and I had a journal just for the cps system. Keep in touch with your lawyer always let him / her know what is going on and if that person is not doing their job they too can be replaced. also see how can you get a parent support partner you want a person that have been threw what you are now going threw and they successfully had their kids returned back to them. Just know this is not a easy fight because you are going up against the goverment and they are liers and they do treat us as if we are uneducated, but God is above all them and I had to place my faith and trust in God and I had to pray until God became bigger than the goverment and know that the goverment is a speck to the God I serve and because of that my children was taken 9 /07 and they returned my children back to me given me full custody of ALL my kids 3 / 09 all I can say is God bless and I hope this will help some body.

        1. Thank you, your story gave me back the hope I once lost. They took my baby Feb 2014 seconds after birth. I don’t even know rather I had a boy or girl. I didn’t even get the chance to see my baby’s face. My mother was the one who made the deadly call. They were outside my room waiting to take a baby I never got the chance to see. My mother has no concrete evidence against me. She tried to claim I had a drug addiction to over-the-counter pain medication….She insisted that I had a drug addiction to ADVIL. Yeah, she really said that, even the judge laughed at her simpleminded allegations. Evil people don’t need a reason for there actions……..that’s what makes them so evil. They do it because they can. I’m praying to have my baby back around Feb 2016. My baby will be 2 years old.

  3. I’m so sorry about your situation. I used to believe that I could trust our justice system but 3 years ago found out, the hard way, I couldn’t. The state of Michigan says it wants to put families back together too but it’s a lie. They refused to even listen to our story. All they did was threaten to get their own way. They really didn’t want the truth.

  4. CPS is a typical parasitic government entity. It says it wants to “stop child abuse” but if it did, the entity would die. It needs child abuse, that is what sustains it, that is its food, its nourishment. Parasites like CPS need to promote further family turmoil and disruption and substance abuse, so they cant grow bigger. its just typical government.

    1. Amen!!! Someone who can see what they’re really all about. Are you a carpenter? Could of swore you just hit the “nail on the head”.

  5. I don’t what to do this is my next option looking for help I’m a good mother and Dhs has had my daughter for a year the stress caused a lot of pain and now again there not giving me the fourth of July with her or her birthday pls someone help I’ve done everything they act like her biological fathers grandparents are her parents cause there her phoster parents. She will be 3 and sad to say I’ve only had one birthday with my daughter that was on her actual b-day. I didn’t even get her first fourth of July I wasnt with her for meeting Santa or the Easter bunny 🙁 there is so much more I need help I’m drug free and alchohal free and have Ben I just need help ndelano19 at gmail dot com pls someone give me advice I’m in coos county Oregon you can also find me on face book. My daughter just wants to come home. And I want her to come home to.




      1. The clackamas county sheriff called and asked me to talk to him but didn’t inform me that DHS was with them. After they arrived at my workplace it was grill grill grill. But unfortunately for them they ran into an educated individual. The DHS worker tried to twist around, her weak attempt, anything I said. SO with total biased and impartial judgement on behalf of DHS they took my child. Gave me a courtdate to appear which was less than 22 hours later. (probably hoping I couldn’t show) Am I really that bad of a parent if for the last year + they’re sending me written DHS letterhead letters to ask me if I could consider obtaining custody of a relative? HERE’S THE KICKER>>>they court appointed me my nephews DHS attorney!!! LOL!!! Looks like the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing in their office. I read through the lines and retained counsel myself. I think I know where I remember this caseworker from…I was hungry…” thank you for choosing MCDONALDS may I take your order?

  6. DHS is out of control. They believe they can walk into your home and do or say whatever it is they want. Make unsubstantiated accusations and rule over facts with their opinions. I’m so glad I have never had my children taken from me as I would fight for them. Legally at first but if time began to pass and all else failed, it would treat it as a military operation. I would see my children as being taken hostage so as a father I would be so compelled to act in a manner that would allow me to gain possesion of my children then leave this country behind. It sounds extreme and it is but I will spend my days in the ground or prison before anyone other than me or my wife decides what is best from me babies.

    1. Exactly sir. They are out of control. Until someone has a lot of cash and can man up they are going to continue in their corrupt ways. Looks like with me they have MET THEIR MATCH.

  7. Dear Chris and Alyssa, I am glad you have posted your misfortune on the Web. As well as others here too, let Me please introduce myself, and my first child, my daughter who has be taken from me from birth.

    My name is Brittany Marie Koltun-Roybal, my daughter astoriella grace Koltun-Roybal.

    I have heard alot about these silver-tongued snakes (dhs) from multiple people from my community. but it seems like nothing is done and kept hush-hush. For the reason that where I am at, (I don’t know what county your in) curry county, has no juvenile law department for child welfare… There for they have absolute say in the court. no matter what you do ”jumping through their hoops” means nada, except more except more excuses and gibberish stories to the judge as to why you cannot have your child(ren) back, for this reason the courts will just have to comply with whatever dhs may request. especially since everyone in this town knows everyone and are all Buddy-Buddy which doesn’t help.

    I have had the same story guideline as you, except I had come up here to start a,new life for her, I was 18 years old and pregnant with her when I arrived, I did nI know anyone but knew how to get my resources, this town seemingly appeared perfect, everything I wanted her to have growing up. Nobody told me about the baby thieves it has though.

    I had gotten everything she needed within the short time before my due date by myself, they were notified I was in labor at th r local hospital immediately, I had eight hours of natural labor with her, she was born at 4:30 a.m. two hours later I was drugged in my i.v. K (I would say a bit to much) for stitches. Not, after dhs showed up around 8:30. At the time I was way too overly exhausted, and because of the anesthetic drug, pretty incoherent, they had tricked me and said they had nothing to do with taking children, I didn’t know here in Oregon Cps and welfare services worked together(I’m from California). They said they were there to help me, and asked if there was anything I needed, and of course said yes, what new mom doesn’t need more resources? Being drugged and tired how I was, they told me I had to sign some paper work to get the benefits, I said okay and they tricked me, I had subconsciously signed my daughter away to them.
    After they had left, Tori and I had rested, the next day we awaited for the word when we could be discharged to go our home, the time of day for that had past, so I asked, they told me they didn’t know. Well I ended up getting a surprise visit from the same people, saying neither Tori or I could go home, I asked them why my peculiar daughter and I couldn’t go? they couldn’t tell me, they had said. There days later they tricked me again and took her while I was showering and she was around the corner out of my sight, but close enough to hear her fuss, I had heard her scream and quickly put my robe back on to rush to her, I saw she wasn’t in her neapolitan bassinet and heard her scream again, still wet from my shower I attentively rand to where I heard her piercing wail, they had her in an area of the hospital I didn’t know about, and had a sheriff blocking my way telling Mr it was unsafe for me to see my own baby, the case worker standing not not far behind his with a big sarcastic smile and a mocking wave as if to say bye bye baby, unfortunately none saw this, and she then served me paper for court saying I had to show up the next day or my parental rights will be taken.

    She is now 10 months old, and I am still fighting to get her back, I finish what they ask of me, but theu give me one more task after another, reporting that I have done nothing to show progress and saying,I have not complied,p.m. And if I silent do the next task they treats n me they can end the case sooner.

    I turned 19 as of Jan 2012, and her case is being terminated at the end of October, my fiancee and I are expecting another child around late November, and they are threatening even if tories case is closed, they will take this little boy… To this day they won’t give me a straight answer on why they exactly took her, and now say to me ”that was then, this is now” and pretty much tell me to shut up.
    my fiancee is not tories father, but has put a great deal of time and effort to save her and this little one of ours, as well as keep his twin boys safe that are with his ex. He is a tad older than I too, 27.

    I have thought to take this to the big time courts, if I do lose her illegally, but the only way I can do that is petition an affidavit, and ask for people that have dealt with or are dealing with this , not be afraid and stand up for your family and little ones to save them Frome this mentally decapitating catastrophe, I’m losing my daughter temporarily, but on hopes of making things right for all, and be justly reunited with our lost ones and one who are looking at being lost.


  8. DHS kills the hopes and dreams of not just the parents whom they stole their child, but for whole families. Our judge ordered my husband and I custody of our niece and DHS refused to place her in our home because we wouldn’t take all four children (who had been separated the whole time). I couldn’t afford four additional children in my home, and they refused to pay me for it. Then their excuse was that we were not Latino, we were white (as her mother is). The judge once again ordered DHS to place her in our home. I said I would take one more (giving me a total of 4 children to feed) and they still said they would not do it unless I took at least 3. I didn’t have a big enough car for 6 kids! They were paying crazy amounts of money to each separate foster parent for special needs care, yet refused to help me in any way shape or form. My husband and I are well educated and are middle class, but could not take on that many children without financial help.
    Long story short, my niece is now adopted far away and noone has any contact with her. Maybe someday her favorite build a bear’s hidden address will bring her home.

  9. A couple other notes – there were family that could take an extra child, keeping them in the family, but none of us were equipped. The children would have been together more than they are now, 2 still rotting away in foster care. I walked away from the situation and know that when they are 18, their aunt will help them through college.

  10. I find it hard to believe that an underfunded department who does not have the means to help children that are in dire trouble (situations I’ve seen) wastes their time randomly harassing people and taking babies. I would bet that in every instance brought up here, there are multiple reasons why the DHS were concerned, and why they came out, and why they took children. The parents simply don’t want to take responsibility for it — which is probably a huge element in the problems themselves. Drug use/abuse? Crime? Mental illness? Inability to take care or yourself? Inability to make wise decisions and properly care for a child? I bet one or all of the above are true.

    Not to mention paranoia and delusions of grandeur.

    1. SalemSusieQ–You have NO idea how corrupt these agencies are and the lengths they will go to cause more harm to children and covering up their own negligence. I am a FM who is in the process of adopting my foster children. I knew from the day the children were placed with me there were things really wrong including signs of possible abuse, neglect, trauma, marks etc. from a previous foster home. When I questioned some of the things, I was told stories by the agencies to explain scars, etc. I tried to get them evaluated by MH provider and have been held up by DHS. I took the one child to the doctors many, many times over chronic illness and child even ended up hospitalized for a week. I talked to all the doctors and nurses I could. They also told me their frustration of reporting abuse to the these agencies who would lie and say they would look into signs of abuse reported even by them and the same kids would come back again and again from the same situations. One of the phycian’s didn’t believe one of the explanations I was given about marks on my FS’s body either which was blamed on a food allergy. The doctor ordered tests to prove it was a lie and it was. On the same day I found out that lie, I found out from one of my kids that the same child had reported to him being abused and beaten by the previous FM. I have been working closely with the chidlren’s advocate and attorney who know all to well we are dealing with corrupt people who do not do their jobs right and abuse their power. They even lie to the judge in court and don’t follow the court orders either–they are really brazen. The children have made a major transforation for the better in my care during the time they have been with me and have bonded closely with my family. And do you know what I got recently for all my work and efforts to advocate for my children and trying to get them help and get to the bottom of their trauma? DHS now threatening to have the kids removed from me and threatenting to have ME evaluated! I was basically told to shut up if I didn’t want to lose the kids. The lawyers that advocate for these kids and the doctors who treat these kids and deal with CPS or DHS, now all too well they do not always do what is best for the kids or their families–whether they are birth parents or good foster parents. The bad ones get away with murder sometimes, but those of us who are good people and want the best for the kids in our care, well, if you open your mouth to much, they have their ways of stalling things or threatening you. We had a court order by a judge to have our adoption finalized by a certain month and guess what? The more I questioned things about my kids health or brought things to their attention and took them to doctors and tried to get help for them, the more the agencies conveniently found ways to delay our finalization and now they are threatening to take them away because I called them out on all the lies and misinformation they told me. Thankfully, I have a couple of attorneys working to help me and the kids out. And because I got confirmation on at least one lie about possible abuse and cover up and the child disclosing acts of abuse by old FP, I was told by the kids attorney I have to report it to the state–and who is the legal guardian for the kids–the state. So how do you think we are going to fair? Don’t be so quick to judge these parents whether they be birth or foster and why their kids are taken away. A mayor in a major US city said the DHS in that city was one of the most corrupt organizaitions in the country–they still are.

    2. you know nothing of me i have never been in any trouble have never hurt my children it was not me that they have issue with i remedy that issue but they still have my children do not talk what you don’t know i have raised my children by my self for many years never had a problem now ark got my children and wont give them back

    3. I agree to an extent…yet I also have been at the receiving end of suspicious DHS workers. I was a young mother and I am Native American. I worked in a day care all throughout high school and as an employee, was required to take child neglect/abuse classes, along with early childhood development classes. I knew all about when a baby or toddler is supposed to get check ups, which developmental milestones to watch for, how to perform a baby Heimlich…and so much more. God knows how many diapers I’ve changed (excluding my own childrens’), how many bottles of formula/warmed breast milk I’ve prepared, how many cuts and scrapes i’ve cleaned, how many stories Ive told or songs I’ve sung, how many questions Ive answered (and kids ask a LOT) how many tears I’ve wiped…all for other peoples children. To sum it up, I knew EXACTLY what I was walking into with motherhood, even though I was only 19 when my son was born (completely unexpected pregnancy, but I believe in the sacredness of life and in the responsibility of a mother, so abortion/adoption was never an option). I had a full time job, was in college, and could very well handle my responsibilities. However….when my son was 2 he got a curious rash on his bottom that did not appear to be diaper rash, then later would not sit down and cried every time he went to the bathroom. I thought he had an infection or something so I took him to the E.R., where they suspected he had been molested by my husband, who was at home with our newborn daughter. Rather than inform me/interview me, they called in CPS and filed an investigation. It was a NIGHTMARE. I almost didn’t walk out of that hospital with my son. I was treated like TRASH and interrogated. I called our pediatrician to ask her to personally examine my son, and she did, at one in the morning (she was my pediatrician growing up and attended my wedding). It turned out my son has eczema really bad, which had gotten infected as diaper cream makes it worse (which I’d been putting on it, thinking it was diaper rash) and an abscess had developed in his rectum from the infection. There was no evidence whatsoever of child abuse (as there wouldn’t have been anyways) and STILL, I was treated like crap. After I’d calmed down and thanked the CPS workers for investigating, saying “If my son had been molested, it would be your job to keep him safe, and I respect what you do for children who are in situations like that.” the woman straight up said “Is that so? Interesting.” Rolled her eyes, and walked away. I sincerely believe we were treated like that because I am Native American (which later I found out Indian Child Welfare should have been called, not CPS) and my husband is African, and our children are black. I also was a teen mom and it being the middle of the night, I showed up in my pajamas, which probably made me seem sloppy.

    4. Actually, whenever there is financial incentive to do something, there is a likelihood of it being taken advantage of.

      The department receives extra funding through federal grants for adoptions. They have to adopt more kids than the year before. Babies are the most adoptable.

      Kids who are diagnosed with a mental disorder get more money for the department as well as the foster parents. There is no science to mental disorders, any of their often unlicensed therapists could find a disorder in anyone if asked to or told the right behaviors.

      They profit off of the services provided to children and families as well.

      This agency is taking kids for profit. They feel they should be involved in every family. I personally, did not allow them into my family and demand they prove abuse or neglect. They instead withheld the evidence that would vindicate us. They are crooked. I beat them in court. Every employee lied under oath. I proved it. Case was dismissed, but my daughter was taken for five months. A DCF supervisor who never met my daughter or had so much as a conversation with me, filed a false report, had her subordinate investigate it and support it in a matter of 20 minutes and approved her own report herself. The report hadn’t even been screened in when it was supported and approved. Rubber stamped.

      Here is some more enlightening information about the agency you defend. Foster care has an 80% fail rate. Kids are 10 times more likely to be abused/neglected in foster care and 6 times more likely to die. More likely to end up having kids, using drugs, dropping out, homeless, engaging in prostitution, suicidal, with mental disease, as sexual predators, etc.

      Did you know reasonable spanking us legal, but kids are taken away and families are destroyed for this very thing? Did you know that kids are being taken away for disagreeing with a doctor and wanting a second opinion? Did you know that kids are being taken away from vets solely for their vet status? Medical marijuana users are having their kids taken. Gun owners are having their kids taken. People with mental disorders according to them are having their kids taken. The only thing they should be investigating is abuse or neglect as it is defined by law, instead they are involved in custody battles, legal discipline, medical disputes, etc.

      Wake up.

      1. Because of their father’s disability, my daughters all get benefits. Just after articles claimed CS was going through budget cuts, my 3 daughters were taken from me. Now all their money goes to CS and although I’ve done everything required, they are still dragging their feet at returning my children.

    5. I think you are stupid and clearly know not why a you speak of . And maybe there are many many many people who fall through the cracks or get left alone but let me tell you there are many many many of us who don’t. I’m not saying every Alsatian is false because obviously there are a lot of children that get abandoned abused mistreated but there is a lot of ones that don’t like my case I was done injustice and so was my little boy many parents are good parents but they pick on some and leave the others most they never hear of me who never once would ever even spank my child get him taken but seen moms beat there kids leave them home alone at three not get a thing of it bull shit yes. But don’t sit there and try and act like we all did something wrong and you have a fucking clue because you don’t

  11. Wow these people are going down. Just hearing that story makes me not want to take my child anywhere. There are so many bad people in the world. My little sister took pictures of my two younger boys. They had little bruses from rough housing. I took them to the doctor and(you make sure you tell the doctor cps took your children wrongfully) sent the pictures to dhs. I asked her why she would do this and she said it is manatory at her job. She lost her Job 4 months later and she is sick. Point is people should make sure it is abuse before they call dhs. Cause dhs will take your children any way they can. I am fighting and have been Fighting for my four boys 3 years now. I had been fighting for my youngest 2 years. That case was dismissed.Never quit Fighting. I pray these parents get their twins back. Them poor babies. You have to stay strong.

    1. My sister sent the pictures to dhs. The doctor said the boys were rough housing right there in the doctor office. And she believes that is where the burses came from. They even took my children from Spencer Iowa to Sioux city to get a blue sceen test done. To see where the bruses came from. After saying I was bitting them. I said I would never do anything like that. The test showed the bruses did not come from bitting them. These people are unreal they go threw so many test and spend so much money to come up with what ever they are trying to come up with. They also took hair samples. That was negative but just more money they spent. They have power only God should have. Sorry about the miss speld words 🙂

  12. I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids my kids was wrongfully taken by cps cps has put my kids up for adoption / sale my landlord is helping me & man other parents / families in are fight for our children / grandchildren we are trying to start up a organization to help parents get closed cps cases reopen we need a good strong organization in all states I would like for everyone to contact me my e-mail is Lets all join together in all states to help fight for all of our innocent children we need a lot of help / support If anyone would like to help with getting the organization started anyone can e-mail let’s stop cps now

    1. I would love to help. We need an organization like yours here in Starke,Florida (Bradford County) They are just as bad here.

  13. I live in MN & the Wright County social service dept is a JOKE! I actually have merit to sue them & we are really thinking about it. We definitely want 2 of the workers fired & 1 of the GAL’s. These are people who aren’t concerned over you,your kids or any truth. They are all about the money.
    Our story wasn’t about them wanting our son,they wouldn’t take him. The police were called,I reported over & over again,so did many doctors & therapists…yet the county wouldn’t help. Finally I called a neighboring county. They got our county to come & place our son,but we were tricked by Wright County.
    Our oldest child was molesting our younger kids & the officials refused to help. We were judged so horribly by some of the church community & by 1 of our oldests teachers. Hello! This kids was molesting 6known kids & he was the victim to infuriated me! Turns out he was molesting kids at the school too. He had everyone eating out of his hands. He scored 120 I.Q. & had danced around seasoned therapists to tunes that would shock you. You thought Penn State was bad,this kid is worse!
    Long story shorter,we didn’t want him back in our home,but the county played us well. They didn’t care that our 5yr old had ulcers & couldn’t sleep,was turning into a wild kid when the oldest had to go home with us. We…(I) flipped out on the social worker & accidently let known my plans of going to court & putting a CHIPS on the oldest. They beat me to it & in the end the kid is with his grandfather & grandmother…oh by the way,the ones who molested him!! He told the county & they just wanted to dump him & stop having to be responsible. The place he was placed said they had never seen a child as sick as him & now my friends he is free with no charges,learning how to victimize more kids & just having all the freedom in the world by his preditators hands to hurt anyone he wishes….the government is messed up. They are just messed up!

  14. the dhs/cps does not give a crap about protecting your children they make hundreds of millions of dollars a yr. by selling your kids. They are the only govt. agency that does not have to pledge to defend and protect the constitution obviously money means way more to them than protecting American families and the constitution, and anyone who stands up and makes a stand against these bastards “commits suicide” is found dead thats the kind of money that is being filtered thru this organization of slime bags. And the nice little case workers that tell you they want to see your families reunited are getting large bonuses to make sure that does not happen. There was a congress woman from Georgia Nancy Shaeffer not sure if I spelled her name correctly she was going to war against these pigs and exposing them, her and her husband were found dead in there hotel room. Of course it was ruled as a suicide. Bottom line dont jump thru the hoops they want you to go thru they are not going to give your kids back. The only way to get them back is to pray to God and fight. How do you fight ? you expose them, they’re like a bunch of cock roaches if you turn the lights on on them they are gonna run like the little roaches that they are unite with everyone you know in your state, or area thats going thru the same thing, and start going to the media, passing out flyers all over your, area of what their doing to you guys,”MAKE SOME NOISE ,GET ANGRY”, they stole/kidnapped your kids, and their making you, and us “taxpayers” pay for their crimes and their laughing in your face,” all the way to the bank”, while their taking your kids away to their rape houses. Its something like 70% more likely fore kids to be raped physically abused and grow up to be pedophiles drug dealers or gangbangers in dhs custody than it it if they grow up in their own homes. I dont think anyone wants that for their kids. Remember they have no plans on giving your kids back, you have to fight for them. There are hundreds of thousands of ppl if not millions who are going thru the same thing as you, your now a huge group and millions of more ppl who will join you in the fight if you will expose what they are doing to your kids. I HOPE YOU ALL DO SOMETHING.

  15. Look what your stories did to me it pissed me off, now imagine millions of ppl getting pissed off and protesting the little bastards are gonna run and hide, but how many ppl are looking on or coming accross this website mabee a few thousand you gotta get this story out to the masses. If the media wont put you on, or even if they will, still make thousands of flyers with your stories on and get it out to the ppl ask ppl for help remember american ppl are the most giving ppl in the world once they know someone needs help or has had their kids kidnapped their gonna want to help you.

  16. I am a mother of three that were taken by DHS. Two of my sons have cystic fibrosis, my oldest Brendan who is now 14 and my youngest Collin who is is 7. I did everything possible,it didn’t matter. I am still fighting for them. I have been prevented from talking or having a relationship with my two oldest due to the fact DHS says that they do not want to speak with me. My only connection to my children is to my youngest Collin.DHS is corrupt and needs to be offically exposed.

  17. My boyfriend and I got together 7 months ago and his ex and he
    Have 2 children together. They were removed from their home due to her
    Fighting and then they were both drug tested and failed. We have completed parenting classes, drug free and have a stable safe home. The mother had the children taken away during visitation and today they went to foster care. Court is in 2 days. We want the children. What can we do?

  18. I am a stable single parent of 3 who had a bad reaction to an antidepressant while my children were in my care. My children and I are inseparable, I was freaking out because my baby was going to start school and my doctor reccommended and anti-depressant. After a week on it, I had a really bad night – my heart was racing, I was sweaty, my muscles were moving on their own, and my breast started lactating. I looked it up and decided to stop taking the meds. I was up all night and decided that the next day the kids and I would go fishing to relieve some stress. I had really bad anxiety and was dizzy and someone reported me acting weird to the cops who arrested me because they thought I was on DRUGS!!!! They arrested me and dragged me in front of my children who were told to knock off their crying. They searched my car lookin for drugs and guess what? NONE! Dhs was called and my children were taken away. I was charged with neglect because they said I was not capable of supervising properly. I have no record, I have a job and home of 6 years. I spend my free time volunteering at the school. My children are the smartest in their classss and the best in all their sports teams!!! Dhs says I am an amazing patent and they have never seen a person like myself come through their offices. My children are crying themselves to sleep every night and having nightmares. We were a very very close family who snuggled at every moment we could. Dhs is causing so so so much damage to these kids it is unbearable for me to watch them suffer for being innocent. Dhs took temporary custody because I am fighting the cops on the charges and have a private investigator on the case and they say that shows I am minimizing my responsibility. I have a mental and drug and alcohol evaluation which I will pass with flying colors and then what? They say they have to prove that the environment is risk free. Well the odds that I have never had a history of any criminal activity and the stability of my job and home and the activism in the community should prove that, don’t ya think???? My children will be forever scarred by this!!! There must be another way to prove a risk free environment without great extent of damage to the emotional well being of a child. My Dhs worker agrees, but she says she must go through the steps!! Well, this system must be motified. They are creating a situation by damaging these children that will now require counseling from them as she has suggested. They are securing their jobs and growing government and control. At the cost of my children’s innocence!!! How dare you people! Take a deeper look. Weigh the odds. If you did, you would not be able to sleep at night, because you would know in your heart that what you are doing is not right for my babies. Do you lie awake knowing they are crying themselves to sleep, I bet ya don’t. But I do, because I really care, I am not paid to care, I am not a robot doing some JOB! I was given a gift to love my children from God, something that most childless Dhs workers do not know of. I really cannot believe this is America. So sad.

  19. Here is my story. My name is Nicole Espino Lopez I’m 28 yes old my husband is 23 we have been involved in cps for 14 months. It all happened when two of my children came into my life after 7years after the fact that they were stolen from me by my ex husband Reynaldo Antonio Alvarado abrego. My two children came back in my life threw a phone call from cps. As a parent a mother I first response to the phone call was ” where are they? Are they ok? Can I come get them?” I was told by Danielle turnage of Cary north Carolina cps that the children were fine but they had been taken into custody because of the abuse that Reynaldo Alvarado and his wife Olga de la rosa has afflicted upon the children. At that time I was told that my beautiful babies where locked in closets beat and that my son lexx had been abused to the point to where the child had two black eyes. Upon further decovery and going into the case more and more I never realized that my unborn daughter was also going to be placed in to custody of the state. As soon as my daughter Norma was born and released from the hospital I woke to having cps in my house requesting that my hold be turned over to them. Now I have done every little things they have asked and more I have supported my children all the way through. Now here’s the big deal breaker the two children I speak of hat were stolen from me don’t even know that I am their mother even after a year of courts and chois from these hell bound ppl my children still haven’t meet me. They refuse to send my 10 month old daughter to her grandmother because they believe now that I’m Prego once again that they will be able to obtain custody of this child as well well I have gotten smarter along the way in this struggle and I have realized that the only way to keep my unborn son and still parent him I would need to go out of the state to give birth to which they would not be able to find me due tithe fact they have no jurisdiction outside of the state of north Carolina. I’m sad that 2 children that are mine haven’t even had the chance of knowing me or seeing me. I believe that in my heart these people are here to hurt us and not help us. They have torn me and my husbands relationship all to pieces they have even told my husband to divorce me on several different occasions and yet we don’t understand why. They say I’m mentally unstable to have my kids but yet they have and have been the cause for my stress depression and many other factors related to my mental stability. I have never had a problem raising my children I have never spanked my kids or even raised my voice and for them to Denie me rights to my kids is just plain bs. We have crawled through every ditch and jumped through every loop hole they have thrown at us and yet we are still told no there is more that needs to be done before your daughter can be returned. I’m not only fighting for my daughter but I’m fighting for two children who don’t even know that I’m even here and that I’m the reason why they have new games and clothes toys and anything they ask for. I have given and given and yet nobody has even tried to meet me half way. What do I do I feel as if I’m lost in the woods without any survival tips at all. If anyone knows what I can do or what I should do please email me please share my story I want it to be known that we are all alone when it comes to this brick wall that we are fighting against. Thank you for your time and I do hope to get some emails back. With love Faye Nicole Espino Lopez

  20. I can only stress this young couple to PRAY with all of their heart and give it to God. Trust me I am in my mid thirties and lost my children to CPS and they are trying to adopt them out at this moment!!! I have been a nurse for 18 years and did pediatrics for 10 of those years. Yet my case is treated like I am some drug dealing prostitute who beat my children daily. Please everyone who reads this I am begging you to pray for God to hear our prayers and STOP THIS CORRUPTION! My story can be found on

    God is the only thing more powerful than a deceitful government. It makes me ashamed to be a US citizen once I myself got a bogus CPS case.

  21. READ THIS and spread this story please! (
    I planned on getting a class action lawsuit started but realize we need to start a NATIONAL CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT!!! I am not going to do any more of this repeating case plan BS and after 18 months I am beyond pissed and broken. CPS has lied so much that I don’t want to work in society and stay to myself just to avoid the torture of watching other families live and love openly in public. My joy is forever gone and my heart is shattered in pieces. I AM DISGUSTED TO SAY I AM AN AMERICAN! I used to love my life and now I walk in shame and pain knowing each court date that follows is worse than the last.

  22. The reason you don’t have your children is because you don’t have the bribe money to stop these people who want your children, and the people willing, and given an authority to do so, to steal your children from you with the help of judges who control the police. The other reason is you”re peaceful law abiding citizens. You won’t set an example of these people. They’ve stolen your children and your paralyzed in fear of taking them back. You need to show these people what a hole in their gut feels like. What does a bear do when you get between her and her cub? Your children have been stolen by a corrupt system in a corrupt government and you and your children will pay the price for that.

    1. You are right. Everyone is so passive. It’s hard, parents just want their kids back.

      I fought them pro-so. Here are things that I made happen.

      I got the crooked judge to step down.
      I got the DCF attorney audited, she couldn’t even cross examine us at trial.
      I exposed their lies, judge literally said “you have nothing on mother.”
      I got the ADA in the criminal case against my husband thrown off.
      I got both juvenile and criminal cases dismissed.
      I got her place with my mother against DCF wishes.
      I had open visitation.
      I got another false charge thrown out without even going to court.
      Got my son who was illegally place on a care and protection without our knowledge, solely for access, without any allegations, taken off.
      Here is how I did it.

      I never allowed them in my home.
      They never assessed my family.
      We did zero classes.
      We didn’t meet with the Gal.
      I filed everything in court. Those motions move mountains because they can be appealed.
      I forced my way into my daughter’s life, meeting her at the bus stop everyday. They tried to stop it, couldn’t.
      I would not engage in supervised visits. (Everything is perception, your house and relationship will be described to whatever suits them)
      I only communicated via email, blunt and direct.
      Never signed anything, always demanded they prove their allegations.
      Spent every moment with my daughter possible.
      Got the case file, which they refused to produce for months.
      I learned the law and used it against them.

      It’s not an easy fight. But, fighting is the only way to expose them. They are holding kids hostage until parents meet their demands. It’s kidnapping. There is zero evidence that the services work. The whole system is a joke.

      1. So how do we organize? I am a teacher who has come in contact with so many terrible DHS stories in Oregon, that I am frustrated, but don’t know where to start. I am watching a younger friend get railroaded right now, and no attorney seems capable of helping.

  23. I am so sorry about your situation. Went through this myself…fought every step of the way.CPS went to our home while we were at work , based on a anonymous retaliation call. CPS accompanied by five Virginia deputies demanded entrance to our home and upon gaining entrance after three hours they seized only three or four small children from our home and took them to foster care even though relatives(one relative even being a deputy in another town was available to take the children). The entire incident was tape recorded in case we wanted to file suit we had some pretty incriminating evidence against the deputies and caseworker. We immediately hired a court reported to take minutes in the hearings. Always retain a court reporter….CPS is the most corrupt agency you will ever do business with…I was informed of this by my own attorney. Every thing has to be in writing from them and never sign or agree to anything unless you are guilty. Most CPS cases are simply about the Title Iv funds…not your child’s” best interests”. Make all correspondence to cps in writing certified..especially complaints.Make sure you have a copy of all documents or letters you send. Demand your children be placed with a family member or relative. Get them out of foster care as soon as possible. The longer they remain in foster care the more likely they are to be harmed and CPS does not care as long as they get the funding. Take away the foster money and service provider money and they will no longer want your child. We did get our children back after going through living hell . Our cases were “unfounded “. Your children should not have to go through this…..unless they were truly being abused and if this were the case I find it hard to believe you would be on this site trying desperately to find a way to get them back. This is a secret court ..very sneaky and corrupt…do not agree to service plans that you and your child don’t need..stand your ground. In court ..with the court reporter there state in court for the record that since the court can not prove their cases you demand your children be returned and you do not agree to unneeded services. They pulled this on me. I stated in court I did not intend to help CPS intentionally harm my children so they could get their funding, I also stated in court that since CPS could not prove their case, I did not intend to sign or verbally agree to counselling or any other test or stipulations they tried to impose on us and our children. We are sure the Judge and that court will remember us for a long time. We did file a lengthy complaint concerning the corrupt actions of the Judge . She should be removed from her appointed position for judicial malfeasance. The tape will be turned over to appropriate agency since deputies sat in our living room for three hours discussing other cases and how they were going to shoot some ladies dog .One last thing we might add.. CPS targets anyone on food stamps, in a shelter , it you are low income you are a target. Your child’s school also works with CPS to drum up business. Just to make you aware…CPS very rarely goes after children whose parents can afford a good attorney. Also… 75% of foster care children end up in prison at one point or another. A large percentage are sexually abused or physically abused . I can name three or four foster care homes ofF the top of my head where abuse goes on and has been reported to know avail. Case in short….federal government does not make good parent. God Bless and watch over you and your children we pray .

  24. We need to use all options available to fight these bastards class action lawsuits class action protest whatever it takes to put an end to these maggots. this is only a few stories here but there’s literally millions of Americans that this has happened to all we need to do is find each other by any means through face book or whatever and start to organize protest and stuff like that. I havent even had my kids kidnapped and Im pissed just reading ur stories Ill join you guys and Im sure theres millions of other ppl that would be glad to also. Theres enough of us to blow there little kidnapping money racket outta the closet

  25. After a year of fighting I found out that my children were never going to be returned to me. It hurt so badly my babies are mixed with Mexican and white they all have blonde hair and blue eyes which seems to be the flavor of the year. I did everything in my power I fought cps to the fullest and still in the end they took my children without a cause. I’m currently pregnant and it hurts that I signed papers but I had to because I can’t allow them to take my unborn child. All I want now is to live in peace with my new baby and my husband. My heart has been ripped out of my chest my children are forever lost in the system. I will never know what they smell like or who their idol is?!!. It hurts me to the point where it feels as if ice has slowly started to form on my heart. My children are my world they are everything and to know that the state of North Carolina could just take them and not allow me a fighting chance to get them back is wrong. I did everything they asked I jumped through this loop and that loop and dodged this and that and still at the end if the day they still told me we have plans for adoption for the children. They refused to send my daughter to Texas with her grand mom all because this unborn child they wanted as well in their grasps. I hate myself for what I did I truly do I hate that I signed the papers to save this child from them but I knew they were not going to give me any of the kids back. These people are evil why do they do this to us? I love my babies I have never hit or spanked any of my children I have never raised my voice or talked harshly to my babies and yet they came and took my child away from me. They judged me for my past but they didn’t see me for me. Yes everyone has a past who doesn’t ?!!!!… I just don’t understand why and how these baby snatchers can legally take our kids and do as they please with them. Why is it that people are so cruel ? Email me if anyone would like to continue fighting against these people

    1. I understand how you feel. It is the same here in Florida. I 100% agree with you and others that we all need to stand up and fight these people. The Supervisor that was at the one here in Florida actually got fired,but they will not tell why and they will not fix all that she did wrong. We all need to come together and fight. Make our voices heard. I don’t even care to get money out of it. All I want is for them to repair the damage Linda VanWulfen did and let my babies come home. Please feel free to email me at anytime. I know your pain,Sweetie,and if you need someone to talk to,I’m here. Maybe we can all do something about them.

  26. Has anyone ever had to deal with The Partnership for Strong Families in Starke,Florida before? They are just as bad. Believe me,I know. They got a call on us,made us move because my husband was working on our mobile home,checked out the new place,approved it,and closed the case. Then,gets another call from the woman who in the same duplex,comes in,and says we have to move out of where they approved. Granted,my husband got arrested for fighting another man after we had to move yet again,but they tried to say it was domestic violence,saying that he hit me. They LIED. While he was in jail,I had a job and our children and I had a house we lived in. My husband’s mother offers to let the children stay with her for the weekend and 10 minutes after I leave to go take of important matters,his mother takes our children to PFSF and tells them that I was living on the streets with our children,that my children had been with her for 3 days,that my children hadn’t ate in 3 days,and said she didn’t know where I was. I get a call telling me that they sheltered my children pending investigation of what was reported to them. My husband gets released,we get a case plan,we go threw all their hoops for years,then finally get them back after they decide to pay for us to get into an apartment on the 3rd floor and I was pregnant with our daughter,Emilie. The apartment was $700 a month,we had to keep a landline,keep cell phones,and all kinds of other stuff. Emilie was born sooner than expected and we had to rush out getting things we thought we had more time for. We did wind up losing the apartment and went to an apartment type thing at a motel. Emilie passed away at 2 months and 9 days old and PFSF steps in after her funeral,takes our children,and says it’s pending the investigation of Emilie. They get the report showing that Emilie passed away from SIDS and then made up new reasons to keep our other children. They terminated our Parental Rights and,get this,the woman who adopted our children just so happens to be related to the woman who made a report on us when we lived in the duplex years before. Plus,the woman who adopted our children made fake profiles on Facebook,posed as a lawyer telling me to give up before anything was even finalized,and she still tries to harrass me. She even went to Emilie’s grave and stole everything we had put there and put stuff she wanted there in place of everything we put there. They didn’t even give us a chance to parent our son we just had March 25th,2012 before handing him to her.

  27. If a parent got her 2 kids taken can she go to a diff. State and have her newborn and raise her baby without cps involvement,

  28. Most of these cases, if centered in same geographical locations (especially small towns) strongly suggest an illegal child seizure and adoption ring. People are desparate to adopt small babies/children and unscrupulous persons in authority capitolize on that fact by abusing their authority as CPS case workers. Any and all of you involved, band together and call the State Police, call the local newspapers, call anyone that will listen and request an immediate investigation.


  30. Child protective services does not take children away from a parent unless there is good cause, I have noticed from reading most of these comments that I didn’t seen any of you admit to abusing your child or having a drug problem or neglecting your child,and I’m pretty sure at least some of you have had one or more of these problems, but I know kids are not just yanked out of a home by the authorities unless the child is in fact in some sort of danger, come on folks lets be honest here.

    1. I beg to differ, i know 3 small families in my home town who have had their children taken for no reason. I have called in abuse of a family (mandatory reporter) and their fatherinlaw was a counselman in the town…nothing happened to them…hmm i wonder why

    2. Child protective services does not take children away from a parent unless there is good cause.

      Yes, this is true, more or less. They will take a child if they BELIEVE there is good cause. They like to err on the side of caution, which I can understand. The problem is that if their judgment is made in error, they will never admit their mistake. They can and do fabricate evidence in their favor. Their report, which may be riddled with inaccuracies and outright lies is taken as Gospel by the judge and you have no voice in their courtroom. In order to fight them, you need money. If you have no money, you are at their mercy.

    3. This happens all the time. It is happening to a friend of mine and all evidence has been found that the child has lied about the accusations and the system still will not return the children. If you think for one second that this department in this country is not corrupt then you mam are blind, or you work for the very department that is taking children hostage from there families. This is not to say that there are not children out there that do get abused and need a department of the state to step in and investigate the accusations, but in my friends case there was no proper investigation, there was no interviews of family or friends. The only interview done was of the children, no evidence of abuse only here say by the accused step daughter that wanted to live with her grand parents that spoiled her rotten. It just so happens that the grand parents are the parents of the accusers father that is in prison for the molestation of a 4 year old girl.

    4. You are sadly mistaken. Most Americans can not fathom the government charging into homes and ripping our children from our arms. Well they not only are doing it but on a scale that is remarkable. I am here to tell you and anyone who listens that the system is corrupt, flawed, and yet holds great power against anyone who challenges it. I know for a fact that caseworkers lie to judges, on forms, and all parties work hand in hand to take and keep children many without any factual evidence. The DHS makes money from taking children, the court makes money from backing DHS, if the manage to use this system to legally kidnap your child they are entitled to more funds for adoption and this is not based on fiction but on knowledge. They can take your child based on lies, rumors, gossip, and you are denied all of your rights as Americans, as mothers and fathers . Fayette County Ga. had a very lucrative hand in many illegal and unfounded DFCS cases under Juvenile Court Judge Terrance Schell. I mean blatant neglect of following any legal residences as he stole the lives of my children and many others. Once DFCS makes a mistake proof or not they will destroy and damage your children’s lives forever rather than confess. Our Children are very profitable to this system , bonuses and rising up the ladder depends on each caseworkers ability to alter facts, lie, justify their so called legally kidnapping of my and your children. I would have been like you until it happened to me, and I will tell you that I have never committed a crime against my children in word nor in deed, I have 2 degrees, I have never used any substance like drugs nor alcohol. I was hunted by lies from my X husband. Whom did abuse me and my children, but without speaking to me they beat in my door took my children and My daughter turns 12 this January again without her mother. I was divorced and starting over there. So be careful the powers of the government by DFCS could get a call about you from anyone looking to hurt you and you will be inside the nightmare that many of us wonderful and loving parents, mothers are

    5. I have never done drugs and I rarely drink. And in 2001, my children was pulled from my home because my oldest child missed a lot of school because of head lice. I thoroughly cleaned my home and tried to put her back into school three times a week, each time being cleared by the school nurse but only to be called a couple hours later because she had it again. Both of my children were said by CPS,they was healthy and happy when they took them from me. I had jumped through every hoop. I proved my employment along with my weekly earnings. From their psychological evals it was determined that my children was extremely safe with me and I had more than enough intelligence to take care of them. But yet child services refused to try to reunite me with my kids. During the three years I fought to get my children back, cps ignored judges orders and lied about me in court. I nearly went bankrupt fighting to no prevail.

    6. I am a grandmother who was trying to help my grand kids when my daughter fell to drugs. My grandson was placed with me by DHS and taken from me by DHS based on lies told by DHS stating that I said “Take him take him now, get this kid out of here.” Without truth or notice my grandson was taken and placed with a lady who drugged him heavily as he is ADHD. I was told later they did not like my interaction with him even though no one had seen me interacting with him and one was via telephone with a DHS person. They went as far as to say they thought he was in danger. How hurtful. DHS will take a child for no reason and make your life miserable and toy with you. They have too much power and it becomes too personal and they forget what is best for the child and the family they are hurting even more because they take a disliking to you or you don’t play the game of not talking about DHS negatively. They cannot be trusted and should be investigated.

  31. Never cooperate with CPS/DHS, never sign anything, fight them tooth and nail. Keep the government out of your home. Record everything. document everything.

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  34. I had a similar situation, actually. I was accused of my 8 month old daughter’s ‘failure to thrive’ by a doctor who had a personal issue with me because I had a child ‘out of wedlock’ and she ‘didn’t think a mother should have piercings and tattoos’- a long story short, she’ll be 2 in late January and I’m just now getting her back because LUCKILY my case was closed and my aunt had been the one they left her with along with a temporary POA…
    Now my little one has night terrors and a bad case of anxiety if I’m not holding her almost 24/7.
    It’s a difficult thing, battling DHS… my story, while effed up as it is, is not as much so as theirs… and hearing their story simply breaks my heart and I hope they’ll be able to regain custody of their little ones.

  35. @Rob November 20, 2012 at 9:27 am
    Rob wrote:
    Never cooperate with CPS/DHS, never sign anything, fight them tooth and nail. Keep the government out of your home. Record everything. document everything.

    I agree with this, but will add,
    (be polite)
    Document everything they say and suggest, then ask them to sign it,
    (after all, it their so called professional advise)
    Then watch them squirm and run…

    I did this after they screw up my kid and had already been dealing with them for 3 months…
    They quickly left us alone..

  36. I am going thru the same thing. Its been almost 2 years now and in the beginning we went 6 months without a court date when we were suppose to have one in 3 days. At first they tried hard to terminate out parental rights but we did every little thing we times its still not enough they airways want more they tell you one thing and you do it and they add more stuff to out. We have started unsupervised visits and were only suppose to have a maximum of 3 months unsupervised visits then reunification.well its been 3 months and we’ve not even started unsupervised overnights.our car either lites all the time! Thank the Lord err can sue dhs after this for making us go 6 months without a court date! I just hope were in the position that we can I have 5 kids. The 5th one I got pregnant with right after they took our other 4 kids and they took her theweekend she was born and I went out of state to have her but BC I was from another state the cps there was suspicious and started looking till she found I had an open dhs case so thru took her to stop she was living in another state for several months then dhs moved herto Oklahoma where we were!

  37. Jason Chaffetz has worked tirelessly for government reform. Here are some of his legislative highlights during the 112th Congress. Bills listed in bold were sponsored by Jason Chaffetz, all others were co-sponsored.

  38. Iowa Dhs he’ll my 2 and 4 year old (basically) hostage for 6 most. There was no abuse… no imminent danger.. nuthing. They were only in my life BC I trusted them when they said they were gonna help protect my kids from their dad. I wanted the backup. Little did I know that a urs and a half later right when they claim they are closing my case… they slap a no contact order between my kids and at the time boyfriend. I ended relationship and he left. 1 week later Dhs comes and says ‘hey saw me with him and r taking my kids. First off I didn’t have a no contact order with him my kids did. Second off I hadn’t seen him since he left… thirdly I had proof from daycare he wasn’t around when they claimed he was. Didn’t matter. The judge willback Dhs no matter what. So I went 6 months battling supervised and semi supervised visits being jacked around. We. made it to unsupervised first day and the Dhs worker calls and says my ex was at my apt and I was going all the way back to fully supervised. This was the second time
    and I was fed up. I tracked him all the way to Florida and made up a huge story. He came back to Iowa. I turned him in the min he was at my house. 2 Wis later

  39. I think that all yoy moms need to keep fighting for your kid! Even write a letter to the President!! Why not! Fight for your rights as mothers even go on some sort of strike!! There has to be a way to change some laws at least the mothers rights laws!! How can a mother lose a child like that its horrible!! somebody has to do something about it or join forces and voices and fight for yout kids!! I say go to Barack Obama im sure he can be able to help most of you!! After all hes not on the rich people side hes on ours!! So fight for your rights as parents!!.All can make a difference to stop all this nonsense!! God Bless all of you and bring your kids back home!! Never give never!!

  40. I am currently trying to get “out of the system” with DHS. The staff in the hospital drugged me while recovering from a c-section. While medicated they sent psychologist and social workers to wait in my room until I got back from visiting my child in the NICU. They put a 72 Hour hold and filed a chips petition, they gave me paperwork accusing me of not demonstrating I could adequately take care of my child. I also was suppose to make an appointment for babies immunizations, a postpartum appointment, and an appointment for my baby a day after discharge without the baby being discharged. The witches. So the nurses, doctors lied and made false reports. The GAL, workers and especially visiting nurses and parenting workers came in my home speaking weird and trying to provoke me. They spoke lies and threatened that if I did not cooperate with their plan for my child the intrusion would be worst. They also linked this case to a probation officer. This happened at U of M children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. They do this in cycles and also receive funding from Jewish and Catholic agencies. They make sport out of your pain, driving you mad maybe to drugs and alcohol and accusing people of having mental illnesses. It is a network of demonic activity used to degrade and seperate families, rape and mess up kids.

  41. i was about loosing my home due to when the judge sentenced my son to 5 years in jail for rape.Although my son was not part in raping the girl,just that he was seen around the scene where the crime happened.He was held by the police due to the fact that the girl said that she recognized him as one of the rapist.The rape case was held,and the judge pronounced my son guilty as charge.My lawyer couldn’t help me they all failed.Thanks to God that i found a good and perfect lawyer his name is Doctor Jefferson a spiritualist that help me with some preparation that i used and after 1 week my son was released from jail.If you need his help you can contact him on his email address

  42. they are not there to keep family’s together i had 4 kids and 2 i gave up for adoption and the other to was taking from me i tryed everything to get them back i did drug testing i went to treatment for 6 moths i did aa and na meeting i even trying to get in a parenting class by my self and i could not get in i needed to have my caseworker to make me a referral but she never did i was fighting so heard for them i even asked for a new worker time and time again and no respond so time was passing and then they took my rights its been all most 5 years i have not seen my kids i miss them every day and i love them so much my kids are 8 and 10 now thanks for listing to my story and if u want to see a video u can go to you tube babyg6337 there are 5 videos

  43. I for one, am sorry that anyone has to go through this, I had this happen, I am an innocent father, my only crime is that I am a man, my ex wife was an illegal alien who claimed abuse, I almost went to jail for telling the judge that my daughter would be hurt or killed if left in her mothers care, and she almost did die, I was ready when my ex got my daughter thrown into foster care, but Social Services in Minnesota called me crazy, and terminated my rights, how is that fair? I am now suing Social Services for quite a bit of money, and you can too, do not let these assholes scare you, and take back your rights!

  44. My name is Miss Crystal and I’m from the United States.I’m writing this testimony to tell anyone who needs help No matter if it’s help for love,money or anything else there’s only one place to go to get this help there’s nothing to big they can help you with whatever your problem is. I had contacted them to get some help the oracle was very understanding in my situation and my problem the oracle told me everything I had to do to get this help and what was required of me,the oracle was always there to answer any question I had and was always quick in responding to my questions or any problem I had. They will be there for you every step of the way and will be by your side for as long as you need them. The oracle will solve any of your problems and get you the out come you deserve and want. If you want your lover back or you need help with any other situation all you have to do is contact this email address and ask for help.They are caring and understanding and will help you every step of the way.I never believed in magic or that there was anyone who could help until I contacted this email u need help this is the email to contact. Thank you so much

  45. I am sorry to say that writing the president, senators, judges, governors and anyone else you can think of is not going to help. I have done that for my sister and yes the governor did send another cps agency to look in to it but agreed with hem. They agreed because of the lies. My sister and her husband along with their three children lived with her mother, we have the same father. Anyway, the home was very dirty, they had lots of dogs and cats, too. Cps took her children. My sister and her husband moved out, 8 months they have been in their own home. Never once failed a drug screen. Completed all recommendations and now on February 7, 2013 she will loose all her rights. They are saying now that since she and her mom fought over the years with police involvement she s unfit to raise her children. They told her her oldest sone, who is 4, is a manic depressive, he will be a child meloster or a serial killer he needs help now and they can give it to him. He just turned 5 but still they could not consider the fact that he was taken from his parents and that yes it would depress anyone. I still pray that hopefully the judge will not take their rights away over something so dumb. You will continue to hear “it’s in the best interest of the child” no one but their parents are the best interest of the child. If she would have beat the crap out of them, which she never did, she would have a better chance of having them returned. Never once did she have to take them to the dr for anything other than check up or a cold. Since in cps foster homes they have been to hospital several times for getting hurt. There is no help, I have lost so much sleep looking for help just to get ignored. She is a redneck/hillbilly and I guess it’s against the law to be poor and be out spoken, or you are not allowed to have children if you are these things. I have even went as far as changing county cps as she lives in a different county. The new county won’t take it because she had a skull and bones rebel flag hanging on her porch outside. The pickens county won’t transfer because they have already got her 5 year old son adopted. I am left all out of options I have done all that I could and I am still trying to find more things short of picketing the juvenile courthouse. They won’t give me the children because of a previous cps case on me that told me I was slightly abused, I really didn’t know anyone could be slightly abused. To me it’s either you are or your not all because I argued with my husband and he grabbed my arm and said please don’t go and it scared my kids, but yet if I owned a psyc center and someone was going to give me money just for finding someone had a problem you can bet your bottom I am going to make sure everyone they send me is going to have a problem. I didn’t realize this till the couselor they sent o my home told me. Well, she footed around it. She asked why are they being so rough on you and I said I have no idea I guess it’s who you get and she said you are right. (Because when she first came out there was two lady’s) she told me that he lady who came out with her the first time said she would keep us in couseling for two years. To the ones who says they don’t take your kids for nothing I have to say WRONG! When that investagator told me she was taking my kids whatever she said after that I treated like the gospel. Yes ma’am you are right he beats the crap out of me all the time if that’s what ou say let me take my kids and leave. She let me but she called the cops and I look out the window and 5 carloads was in my yard.none gets out unclips his gun and yells are there weapons in the home. I said yes but sir it’s not like that and he pushed me out of they way and runs in the door. 2 seconds later he comes out and says what’s going on here. I try to speak and she interrupts me and answers him and he yells and screams at her in front of my kids about how she is the ba person in all this and that she needs o leave us alone I try o speak up again and she interrupts wanting the officer to serve my husband papers, he says NO, YOU TAKE THAT MAN HIS PAPERS, he then grabs her by the arm and leads her into the house. I did not mean to get into all that but I get angry and I guess this is how I deal with it. I am so sorry to say no one can help. They can help but they will not.

  46. I am going through a case with Erie County Office of Children and Youth. They took my daughter on April 3rd, 2012 on false accusations. The allegations made against me were proven false in my mother’s living room a few weeks after my duaghter was yanked from me. My caseworker has lied under oath at our hearings, she has made multiple mistakes in my paperwork and everything! I have asked numerous times for a new worker and I keep getting denied. It has been heart-wrenching dealing with this! I was a single mother, at that I was 19 doing it all by myself, her father is a drug addict that is in and out of jail and doesn’t care about any of this crap going on. I have a court appointed attorney that barely even speaks up for me in court. This case has been through hell and is trying to come back. They want my child to be adopted out, but yet I am doing what they want done. My mother’s lawyer even stated my caseworker is known for lying! I feel as if ANYBODY dealing with Child Services needs to speak up when they notice one thing wrong… My case has gone too far and all of the Children Services out there need to be gone through because of the “dirty games” they play with people’s lives!

    1. You HAVE to get a different lawyer. I had a public defender named Vicki Arrowood and all she did was agree with everything the CPS worker said. It wasn’t rare for “Yes, Ma’m” to be the absolute only thing she said in the courtroom. After awhile of this, my grandfather actually took to calling her “the ‘yes, ma’m’ lawyer” to her face. Disrespectful, we know, but she wasn’t doing her job. This was a life or death situation and she wasn’t doing her damn job. Find a job, any job and save everything you can. Find a lawyer who doesn’t work for the state. I completed all of my court orders and I STILL couldn’t get my kids back because all my public pretender (defender?) did in court was to agree with everything the CPS worker said. Once I got a good lawyer, I had TWO court dates before I regained full custody of my kids! Compared to a little over a year with the Public Pretender. Rich people never lose their kids to CPS, it’s all about the money. Our only option is to play their game.

  47. My case is different but similiar in the dhs problem. My child was molested by his father but only told me and my husband and because he didn’t tell the investigator they dropped the case as unfounded then the judge ignored all our evidence and testimony and ordered my kids overnight visits to that man. I have called in several reports of bugs, including bed bugs, my kids being punched ( he even told the doctor) ,my kids not being fed,coming back with bad diaper rash, all to no avail the dhs always finds it unfounded without proper investigation. Now I’ve been told if I report anything else I will be prosecuted! Where is the justice?

  48. Same thing is happening with me…but a little different. After my violent ex-wfie assaulted me, I was thrown in jail. When my ex-wife told everyone I was innocent, I was threatened with 7 years in prison if I did not take the plea bargain, and promised I could get my son back if I did. I took the plea, did all the required “services” that are actually roadblocks. They sent me to a psychologist to make up personaility disorders (that have nothing to do with parenting), and then a counselor for treatment. When they found out the counselor as going to issue a report that the previous evaluator was wrong, and that I could safely parent a child, they cut his funding off and ordered me to a new evaluation with one of the DHS agents’ friends to confirm diagnoses, and claim that I was not treated. They continue to say that I refuse to address personality disorders and my “serious problem with violence” when there is no History and I can even prove that my ex-wife had initially lied because the State told her to.

    The process they use in Oregon needs to stop, too many children and parents are having their lives destroyed for nothing….meanwhile, it seems as if nothing is being done to help the children who are actually at risk. Fathers can be better parents than mothers sometimes, too. There needs to be fairness and there needs to be oversight…but, not even a federal lawsuit can abate these issues unless Congress passes a new law to allow people to sue the states to get their children back in Federal Court.

    It seems they just want people to resort to vigilante justice, so they can use a desperate act as the means to continue these bogus cases as a ‘justified concern” from the onset….

  49. I have a a daughter she is the mother of 2 kids a 5yr. old boy and a 2yr. old girl. DHS took her kids they say it is because of a dirty house. Our house is clean and they have passed our house. My grandson has issues with learning skills they are delayed and slow. They still have not returned them to her. They say it is because of the record of DHS in the past that is from us her parents. They are using our past record against her. That is wrong we have hired an attorney to help her out. They should not use our past problems with DHS on her. We have told our attorney to have them use only this as my daughters first time. But DHS is not listening to a word we say. They say it is neglect of both children. Because of they are both developmentally delayed. I have been told they can’t use that against her. What is really worse is when they took my granddaughter given that she is 2 she still nursed on her mother.They made the decision to make the decision to make my daughter quit the breast feeding all together they did not even give her a chance to wing her off slowly. They had no right to make that kind of decision on both partys. That was something special they had to do together. My daughter is now getting depressed and lonely. They say she has no reason to be that way. If they understood what her kids mean to her they would understand. They think she can handle with only seeing her kids for 2 hours a month and with someone with her there all of the time. They are saying she is unfit to take care of her kids all because of just a simple thing. She lives with her parents at home because she can’t handle being without her kids. All she does is sleep all of the time. They haven’t even told her what she has to do to get them back. She is waiting to find out what it is. She has tried to sign up for parenting classes but they will not approve the online classes even though they say they are approved by DHS and and by court. She has no job because where we live there is no jobs that will hire her. She is a risk because she is depressed about her kids all of the time. I have told her she can live at home as long as it takes for her to get everything together. What else can you do for a daughter who doesn’t understand why she can’t get her kids back. I don’t even see why on that part if DHS doesn’t tell her what she need to do what can you do. We have 2 attorneys on this case it is breaking us with our finances at home. But my grandkids are important to us so we are doing what we can to help her.

  50. All this is crazy after I left North Carolina to go to Texas to have my child
    Social services tried to mess with me and North Carolina tried their hardest to take my newborn from me but little did they know is that I was completely honest with the social worker in Texas I told him the truth about everything and he didn’t take my daughter from me his exact words were your not a bad
    Mother I see you with your daughter and your great you have a great support system. I am grateful that Texas didn’t take my child because I would have been crushed to death. Even after dealing with those evil people for two pregnancies and having to fight for my oldest it was stressful and I knew they were going to take my kids. I knew if I couldn’t save all of them at least I could save one. As a parent it was the hardest decision I have had to ever make in my life. I’m not a bad person I love my children all my kids I have fought tooth and nail for my kids but social services just kept finding bullshit that didn’t mean shit! They tried using my step mothers illness against me I honestly don’t understand them they are cruel evil people and one day they will get what they deserve…

  51. This is so crazy. I know how CPS works. I live in Kansas and I think CPS is corrupt no matter where you live. It takes some strong parents to stand up to CPS. Let’s fight back!!

  52. I knew someone who had her kid taken by DHS. The toddler was given to foster parents who were negligent and the child drowned. While in foster care, the mom was told that she would get her kid back as long as she completed the program. At the hospital, before they pulled the plug, the foster parents stated that they were told that they would be able to adopt the child. The mom always thought that DHS was making it impossible for her to complete the program and her suspicions were confirmed by the foster parents. After the child’s death, DHS publicly complimented and thanked the foster parents for their great work. During the process, DHS was dragged in front of the local judge who despised them and enjoyed humiliating the DHS worker who represented this organization of kidnappers.

  53. I had my 3 kids taken by CPS when my youngest was 2 months old. Their father hung himself and I came home to find him like that. CPS said I was traumatized and unstable. Maybe I was at first. At first, I was grateful that they helped me find a counselor and doctor to help me get through the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. But then, after another year passed of fighting for my kids back I started getting pissed. They were trying to adopt my kids to 2 men, a gay couple who already had 5 kids they had adopted the same way. It became a competition between the gay men and I to determine who was the best parent(s.) I smartened up and stopped being so gullible and decided I would do whatever I needed to do to get them back. I had already completed EVERY court order, at this point it was a matter of money and getting a great lawyer. I met a great guy who happened to be rich and wanted to help me get my kids back. He got me the best lawyer in our city ($15,000!!!) and CPS had no choice but to give me my kids back. It’s all about the money. The world revolves around it. This is why you will never see rich people lose their kids to CPS, ever. If you’re young, you have kids, and no money, you are CPS’ dream job. You need to complete the court orders and get a damn good lawyer. By any means necessary.

  54. I am a mother of five from iowa that they removed all of my children and it has been total torture since they are right the workers that took my children were previous cocaine addict who lost her kids and they told me from the beginning they wanted my children up for adoption cause people want white children which i thought was wrong in itself I have been trying for almost 8 years to get them back and every where i turn is a dead end. My children have all been split up placed in various foster homes and put through more abuse since they were removed. It is heart breaking, they have been punished for asking about us trying to contact us ect its sad and all the attorney’s say my hands are tied!! Any help or advice would be GREAT

  55. my daughter has two boys that mean the world to her the father of the two boys has hated my daughter from day one they have been together for over 13 years his family that lives in canton tx has put her through hell see has worked her ass off to take care of the children they are her life cps wont give her children back where do they have the right this is not there kids they are my daughters and only my daughters he cant even hold a job i dont care what it takes ill hire the best lawyer money can buy if something happens to my daughter i will hold the town of canton there should be alot more lawsuits lets get together people and start a big rally on this start taking action on the cps workers and dhs workers lets start pickenting these town even if we have to walk lets get our kids and grandkids why the hell dont they ask the kids what they want cause they dont care if my grandsons cry every day im talking about cps and dhs workers hope you can sleep at night and for the other grand mother that dont care about these two kids my daughter wont let you see them because you said they was not your sons truth will come

  56. I have been pulled through the loops of dcs twice. They took my oldest daughter not because I was a drug addict but because. Her daddy was. Even after I left him they still took my daughter. She is now six yrs old and still lives with my mother because I’m terrified to. Try and get her back because I’m scared of dcs. Then about three yrs ago I had my second daughter. Dcs never got involved until her daddy got mad and called dcs on me and still with ever passed drug test and requirement met I’m still fighting them because my now husband is a convicted felon done serving his time and they think my child isn’t safe which isn’t true. Just because u do one thing wrong doesn’t mean your not aloud to over come that and have a family. I have done nothing wrong and dcs took my child based on a statement made by my child’s father that is a drug addict with no job and doesn’t take care of our daughter. Yet I’m the bad parent right? My dcs worker was rude and automatically assumed i was unfit. My lawyer which is court appointed is an idiot and all she can seem to say is well dcs thinks u need this and dcs thinks u should do that and there right u can’t beat them. I refuse this time I refuse to take a seat and let dcs drag my name through the dirt. I plan to fight until I have no fight left in me I will not bow to dcs I refuse.

  57. CPS raved my 8 year old son from my home in May 2014 due to substance abuse. They have not followed the policies or laws, or timeframes. My mother was approved by the supervisor and the director for placement but be because the licensure won’t approve her because my 43 year old brother lives in her basement and drinks a couple beers at night after work, they won’t place him there. I have requested a Relative Caregiver Waiver of Licensure twice and still haven’t gotten it. I have done everything that they have asked of me including random screenings, counseling and attend meeting on my own without having to. They won’t tell me if he is going to be able to continue his education at his school of origin, even thou the law States that he is too unless it’s in his best interest to change. It took me over 90 days to get a Parent-Agency Treatment Plan and Service Agreement, and when I did it was not completely filled out. There is hope I found the CPS Manual and Foster Care Manual online and read both. Since then I have filed a complaint with the Office of Children’s Ombudsmen and they have opened a preliminary investigation. I suggest anyone dealing with CPS to read the manuals and know your rights and laws. Unfortunately since they are being investigated they are now making me do my parenting time back at the DHS building for 2 hours while they sit in the other room watching instead of at my mother’s house for 4 hours. This was extremely hard to handle but I will not let them break me. I do realize they I am the one at fault, and I am responsible for my son being taken but that does not give them the right to not follow their own policies and state and federal laws. I will continue fighting for my rights and my son.

  58. Old DHS Story. Bump it!. in 1996 i had a baby. i was 17 with no family, i had my daughter taken away because i too was in dhs custody. during my first supervised visit with my daughter she was only 3 months when they took her, they already had adoptive parents visiting with her. after trying to put up a fight but couldn’t because i have no parents to lean on and was in foster care since i was 8, i turned 18 moved out homeless. got a job while living in shelters got my act together, got married, got pregnant….. still on visits with my other daughter until one day they came to my house, with a offer. a deal with the devil. give up your rights to your baby in custody and we won’t take the baby you are carrying. dhs, cps, whatever the new name is. are criminals, evil, unethical. i have since moved out of the country had a name change and won’t come back till that agency is put out of business. oh and still married, 2 kids, bright smart and loving kids.

  59. Wow my heart trulybgoes out to you. I am currently in a very similarbsituation the plan was just changes from return home to adoption and I have been jumping the hoops for a year and a half and still not coming home. I was pregnant when they took my girls cause I just recently lose my house due to not being able to afford it. They threatenbme every time they could about how they were going to take my baby when he was born. I ended up moving to Vancouver Washington cause I was able to get housing. My son was born and I opened a voluntary case with washington. Oregon was not able to do what they wanted. My son came home with me and 6 months later after almost finishing everything wanted from me Oregon says if I don’t move back to Oregon then I can’t get my girls back. So we moved not long after dhs took my son too. They went and lied to a judge to convince them my son was in danger. I have proof they lied however no one wants to listen now my life has been turned upside down and they have my kids. I’m not far from you guys and would love to talk to you my husband and I are never going to let this go. After this case we are pursuing legal action. Please update me with your situation I would live to know if they are getting away with this. I wish you the best of luck

  60. My sister had her son taking the day after he was born because the father mad a bunch of lies about her being suicidal when it was not true. The truth is that he was mentally and physically abusing her. When she told CPS the truth they called her a liar and said she retarded. They eventually gave the dad custody and after having him for a year they left my nephew unattended out side when he was 3 years old he feel off of outdoor toy equipment while they were getting high. It took them 4 days to take the child in to the doctor and found out that he had received a skull fracture. CPS was called in and the change the story to him falling off of a chair while making cookies. The child was never taking and case got closed. It turns out the whole family has ties friends and possibly a family member working in DHS that has been getting them out of trouble. The people I am talking about are the daycare workers who was recently caught smoking marijuana in the present of children. They got off the hook for that also. They were also growing in a shed in the back yard. They also was investigated for not watching the kids (child neglect) and they got off for that too. CPS took this child from the mother when he was not in danger but left him in a home where he has proven to be unsafe. CPS workers never take the children who are really in danger but always take the kids who are happy loving homes.

  61. They have done exact same to us. Now they want to terminate based on us being late to some appts. ….can someone please help me? Brittany mcanally-milobar

  62. Short story is I lost my two boys in 2011 & my court appointed attorney told me if I signed my rights away, I’d be able to keep any future children I had. Well that was a lie because dhs in Salem, Oregon took my daughter into custody when she was a day old. After 14 months I got my daughter home last year but they knew about my soon to be ex husband, the father of my daughter who was emotionally/verbally abusive towards me but emotionally/verbally/some physical abusive towards our daughter. The dhs worker told me if I stayed in the home even though I wanted nothing to do with her father that they’d take my daughter back into their custody. Well I volunteered to leave with my daughter but dhs through us into a safe house & did nothing to help me nor did the crisis center for women. I pounded the streets of Salem for 30 days looking for a place to live when I wasn’t working or attending appointments. Yet I was kicked out of the safe house because the ladies in the safe house made allegations to staff that I was physically aggressive with my daughter & I was verbally abusing her. Within that week of being kicked out of the safe house I had a home for my daughter & myself which I had to fight the system to pay for it with the money that I’m allotted as I was a victim of domestic violence. The end of last month two dhs workers showed up to my home on a Saturday while I was @ church. A friend was @ my home while my daughter & I are @ church waiting for a package that was to be delivered for my daughter. My boyfriend answered the door because he thought it was me as he didn’t know when I’d be home. The two dhs workers never stated why they were in my home without my consent yet they also searched my hone without my consent nor was I present. They took my daughter back into custody as her & I went to a different church on Sunday. The two dhs workers said they received a report that someone in the church saw me with a guy & assumed that my daughter was around him as well. My daughter was in the church nursery while I was in the worship center but because I have an association with someone in church that has a criminal history years prior that it’s not acceptable. I made the mistake of not letting the dhs worker know who I had around my daughter but I ran a background check on my boyfriend myself. I found out @ my court hearing after they took my daughter that they removed her from my custody because her medical/hygiene needs weren’t met but than dhs flips it & say I had her around unsafe & inappropriate people. I’ve never done drugs/alcohol nor abused any of my children yet they seem to think I’m mentally incompetent. I did find out my daughter was removed for no reason. The faster family that has my daughter adopted my two boys which I have the feeling that they want to adopt my daughter as well. These foster parents that have all 3 of my kids had neglected my daughter the first time she was placed in their home & they’re neglecting her again. I made numerous complaints about it in the past but dhs just ignored my complaints. The neglect the foster parents are inflicting on my daughter is they have her wearing size 2t some 18-24 month clothes. My daughter was wearing some 3t shirts or 4t shirts on top & 3t in pants & wearing a size 7 in shoes yet in the foster home they’re making her wear a size 6 in shoes. Whenever I see her twice a week she’s always hungry & I was teaching her American sign language as I’m deaf but the foster parents have put a stop to my daughter using sign language. I made the mistake in the past with my boys by being in a relationship with a man that was unsafe & inappropriate to be around but I’ve since changed my lifestyle by being very choosy who I associate with. I’ve been going to church for the past 3 years, & have been working @ my job for almost 9 years. For anyone going through this never give up. There is light @ the end of the tunnel. Whether you fight dhs ur not, dhs is going to retaliate against you so what do you have to lose. Just because I signed my rights away on my boys there’s hope that I’ll get them back as dhs is pulling the same crap on me again with my daughter only the circumstances are different. If we ban together where we’re being railroaded by the system that’s destroying our families than eventually Congress/the President will start looking into this further. God is the only one that can judge any of us on anything as were his children. Pray & never give up hope. If you don’t pray than I suggest you seek god & get to know him as he can make all things possible that were impossible before. The key is to make noise by writing letters to Congress/governor. Eventually someone will listen. You can email me @ if you want to talk or maybe need some advice or you want to file a federal lawsuit as I’m going to be doing but is better when there’s more people involved with the similar situation.

  63. Just so everyone looking at this knows, if you have had your child/children taken away by CPS and DHS or private agency has terminated your rights and you are pregnant and going to have another baby and they want that baby too, just leave the state you are in. That state has no jurisdiction in the other state!

  64. Have a question. My case is very similar to all. In fact I have proof ,facts evidence to prove I was right now should have never had my kids taken, there is no law against using drugs and being a parent. I’m not saying it’s right or its wrong. I’m not u I haven’t walked anyone else’s shoes but my own. With that said the law states you can’t use drugs if there’s signs of neglect. They keep saying I lost my kids because my 4th child had drugs in her system, umm mm hey jack, I have the papers still so close to me of her having nothing in her system. I can prove dhs has lied. But they said I was too late I was out of time. It didn’t help none when my mother found out how much she will be getting a month for four kids. Well you know her husband my so called “drug dealer” along with a mother who had her child addicted to cracked and who went to jail for selling meth, would be better then mom and dad. Sorry got off track my question is on my Monday 4,4,2016 they go to court to be adopted. Who would here my case who’s gonna stand up for me because I lost not only my kids my husband n I will never be the same. My kids are told lies n bad things.we ended up homless. Our dog who was my best friend helping get through this hard times shit in the neck . Lived out of a camper next to a junk yard. Lived in a mountaineer but now and for the past two years have had stable house. Three bedroom. Done up so perfect they all synced with a morning sun rises to the sunset to the moon and the stars at night. My own mother and my husband’s mother were against us. Instead of the support group. I looked crazy . Cause they weren’t who I was saying they were. I’m just screwed right because lack of knowing my rights.

  65. Y’all dont understand, when we have our kids in a hospital & get a birth certificate we r giving over the ownership of our babies! The birth certificate has a # on it that is registered on the stock exchange, when we registrar our car we agree the government now owns it, READ the FINE PRINT on anything u sign. If u have a house u signed mortgage that gave ownership of ur house to the government..
    And if u leave your babies placenta at the hospital and dont go back to claim it when they put the “birth” announcement in the newspaper, the government then claims ownership over the DNA of that child!!!
    Trust me I know it sounds INSANE & cant possible be true but believe me it is…Check out info on your “Strawman” or Sovereignty or the Freeman on the land movement. It will blow ur minds, it did mine, I had my last 2 babies at home & got a Certificate of living birth NOT a birth certificate, My kids r free no government has rights over them, DO UR RESEARCH!!!

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