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Oregon Congressional races results

Oregon Congressional races results

The Republican side of the race between Kevin Mannix and Mike Erickson has taken up the majority of the news cycles. The race turned bitter between the two Republicans when Mannix made multiple accusations of Erickson that could upset the conservative base in District 5.

Kevin Mannix is known for his numerous statewide campaigns. In 1996, he ran for Oregon Attorney General as a Democrat to be beaten by Hardy Myers. The next year Mannix switched parties and was appointed to state senate. In 2000, Mannix ran against Attorney General Hardy Myers, and lost narrowly. In 2002, Mannix ran for Governor against sitting Governor Ted Kulongoski and again narrowly lost. In 2006, he also ran for Governor, but finished second in the primary to Ron Saxton. Mannix became the Oregon Republican Party Chair from 2003-05. Locally, he served on the Board of Directors for Salem Chamber of Commerce.

Mike Erickson has run multiple times for office. In 1988, Erickson was the Republican candidate for the Oregon House of Representatives for Tigard, but lost to the Democratic candidate. In 1992, he ran for a different seat and lost to the incumbent. In 2006, Erickson launched his first campaign for Congressional District 5 for the U.S. House of Representatives against Darlene Hooley. He was defeated in that race as well. Erickson owns AFMS Logistics Management Group, which has been listed as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. by “Inc” magazine.

On the Democratic side of the ticket, the more popular candidates are Kurt Schrader and Steve Marks. Recent polling shows Schrader leading Marks by over 20 percent.

After serving many years in the Canby government before running for state office, Kurt Schrader decided to move on to higher office. In 1994, he lost a bid for a seat in the Oregon House by 38 votes. In 1996, he ran again and won a seat in the House. In 2002, he joined the Oregon Senate where he served as co-chair of the Joint Ways and Means Committee and chair of Interim Joint Legislative Audit Committee.

Steve Marks worked as an advisor to John Kitzhaber throughout Kitzhaber’s term as Senate President and then followed Kitzhaber to the Governor’s mansion in 1994. Marks served as Senior Policy Advisor for six years to coordinate the Governor’s policy agenda and then later served as the Govenor’s Chief of Staff. More recently, he has worked as an advocate for the Archimedes Movement, which focuses on problems in the healthcare delivery system.

While the 5th District is featured above, the results below will cover all Congressional District information. Click here to refresh.

District 1 Republican –

Claude William Chappell IV – 28.29%
Joel Haugen – 70.09%

District 1 Democratic –

David Wu – 77.46%

Will Hobbs – 17.36%
Mark Welyczko – 4.82%
District 2 Republican
Greg Walden – 98%

District 2 Democratic
Noah Lemas – 98%

District 3 Republican
Delia Lopez – 95.64%

District 3 Democratic

Earl Blumenauer – 87.65%
John Sweeney – 6.31%
Joseph Walsh – 5.82%

District 4 Democratic
Peter A. DeFazio – 100%

District 5 Republican
Mike Erickson – 55.18%*
Kevin Mannix – 44.18%

District 5 Democratic

Kurt Schrader – 55.18%
Nancy Moran – 19.31%
Steve Marks – 17.08%
Andrew Foster – 6.16%
Richard Nathe – 1.83%

Erickson projected as winner of Congressional District 5 Republican primary
Congressional District 5 race will be between Erickson and Schrader

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