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Candlelight vigils to replace gay-rights celebration

Candlelight vigils to replace gay-rights celebration

In response Basic Rights Oregon has canceled its January 2 celebration at Portland’s Gerding Theatre. Instead, Basic Rights Oregon, Portland’s Q Center, and community leaders will hold a candlelight vigil to draw attention to the delay and the impact that it will have on some Oregon families. Basic Rights Oregon’s Executive Director, Jeana Frazzini, called the judge’s ruling “nothing short of an outrage.”

“The suit is an eleventh hour effort to keep caring, committed Oregon couples from critical and necessary rights, and it is shameful,” she said.

Frazzini invited all “fair-minded” Oregonians to attend the vigil and light a candle for their own family, or one of the hundreds of other Oregon families who will be impacted by the delay in the domestic partnership law.

To join the vigil, meet at Portland’s Q Center, 69 SE Taylor Street in Portland on January 2 at 5:30 p.m.

Vigils are also replacing community celebrations in Bend, Ashland, Eugene and Corvallis. For more information, visit the Basic Rights Oregon Web site at

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